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Angelo - Sharing his gift of learning

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Angelo news paper 2

Angelo is an advocate for sharing his knowledge. Since graduating from Charles Darwin University with a Master of Emergency and Disaster Management, Angelo has sought ways to contribute to knowledge sharing, whether in capabilities development, education administration, instructional design, research, or writing.

He believes that obtaining knowledge serves two purposes.

The first is to improve our understanding. The second is to share it with others.

Angelo presenting

Re-shaping the mind

In a short timeframe since graduating from CDU, Angelo has achieved plenty. He has overseen the administration, outreach activities and industry partnerships for ASIAN Institute of Management (AIM). Angelo has worked as an international civil servant at INTERPOL as a project manager for the cybercrime directorate.

His work started at CDU, Angelo found that the University helped him to "re-imagine, re-calibrate, and re-engage". CDU provided the springboard for Angelo with the skills to continue his journey.

Angelo presenting

It opened up alternative paths, provided guidance for charting my next steps, and equipped me with the tools to learn along the way.

Angelo’s most proud achievement was taking part in the co-development and launch the Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management Degree Program at the AIM in his home country the Philippines.

Putting his skills to the test

Angelo, received the opportunity to assist Nauiyu Nambiyu community members affected by the Daly River floods in December 2015 and support the Australian Red Cross in managing the evacuation centre.

Angelo in the paper

Angelo’s tips for studying

‘You do not need to know everything. Just focus on your next step. Give that your best.’ Angelo says to take one step at a time, and soon you will be running at full speed.

Remember where you started, enjoy where you are and look forward to where you will be.

Angelo believes in building strong relationships with your peers and teachers. To this day he is still in regular contact with his research supervisors 'I consider them as my mentors. They have greatly influenced the direction of my work and learning after CDU' he says.

Angelo is the proud winner of the International Alumni Award at the 2022 CDU Alumni Awards

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