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From degree to job with a global tech giant: Anup's story

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CDU IT student Anup Prasad with his wife

Thanks to his IT degree from Charles Darwin University and the industry experience he's gained after graduation, Anup Prasad is giving back for the benefit of future generations. 

When Anup Prasad graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Business Administration from CDU, he had no idea that opportunity was waiting on his doorstep. It was a phone call he received shortly after graduating that would change his life. 

"After graduating, I had a call from global tech giant, IBM. They wanted to interview me," he says.

Three rounds of interviews later, and his phone rang with the good news. "I recall the memorable call at home. 'Anup, congratulations, you have a job at IBM!," he says.

" I was the envy of my friends. I had managed to win a job with a pioneering company

A foot in the door

CDU Student Anup with ex prime minister John Howard
Anup with John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia

That first job after he graduated with his IT and business degrees from CDU unlocked more than 20 years' developing technological solutions to problems across some of the most essential sectors in the economy. 

I have developed and written software for telecommunications, health, banking, insurance, retail, justice and police, creating business efficiencies through automation 

Anup loves the challenge of writing and developing software and it requires a special type of thinking.

“Once you have completed your software and it has been tested, to see the software program running and executing in production is very rewarding.

Anup has created his own property software, which has led to a partnership with Adelaide City Council. Anup's software business is bringing insights into Carbon Neutrality and encouraging people worldwide on sustainability.

Teaching techies

After years doing the work, Anup decided it was time to change it up and has moved into teaching to share his knowledge and experience with up and coming leaders in the technology sector.

“I have taught computer science to university students, have been recognised by IBM for my innovations and have led and managed IT projects for the NSW government," he says.

"I would like to give back the knowledge I have acquired in the technology industry to future generations,” said Anup.

Supported to succeed

For now, Anup is loving the vibrancy and culture of Sydney where he is based and is thankful for the support given to him by CDU while studying his IT and business degrees. Anup wants to continue enjoying the lighter moments of suburbia culture in Sydney and enhancing diversity.

He has also been assigned the first officer in charge of his divisional electorate in the Australian General Federal Elections 2023.

His study at CDU set him up for success and with exceptional opportunities and a brilliant lifestyle to match.

“I am very grateful to Charles Darwin University for their support and help. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and lifestyle afforded to me by CDU,” Anup says.

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