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Facilitating the future: Why nurse Fifi studied a postgrad course

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CDU nursing student Fifi Giraneza holding her laptop in a train station

For Fifi Giraneza, caring for others comes naturally. As a clinical nurse in aged care, her kind and compassionate nature drives her to help people. But it’s not just patients who are benefitting from her help. Students are too, thanks to a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Facilitation.

The six-month, 100% online postgraduate nursing course has qualified Fifi to pass on her experience and knowledge. It’s taking her gift of giving to a whole new level.

Dispensing knowledge

“We always have students coming in to our aged care facility for work placement, and carers who provide support,” says Fifi. “I could see that both would benefit from having a colleague to support and educate them in their studies and roles, and I wanted to be that person.

I wanted to gain the clinical facilitation skills to further my career.

After researching, Fifi decided to study clinical facilitation with CDU as the flexible, 100% online program meant she could continue to work.

Not only was she drawn to the course content, but she was also able to transfer what she was learning in class to her workplace.

“The course units perfectly support my current work and give me skills I can put into practice immediately,” she says.

Fifi now works as a clinical care facilitator in aged care, just as she had hoped. She spends her days connecting with her elderly patients and attending to their clinical needs, while also managing and supporting student nurses, support carers, EENs and other co-workers.

“I’m looking forward to taking on new challenges and if I need to further my study again, I will. I know how beneficial it can be.”

Being cared for

CDU nursing student Fifi Giraneza smiling, standing on a set of stairs

For Fifi, the support she received from her lecturers meant that her needs were consistently met.

The lecturers’ experience within the field also made them extremely relatable.

“Having lecturers who understand what nurses go through is amazing,” says Fifi.

“They know exactly what you need to know and can help you manage expectations and achieve your set goals.

Being under pressure at work, I sometimes felt like I couldn’t study anymore, but having a lecturer and a role model who checked in to encourage me made a big difference.

Online discussions and meetings with her peers also gave Fifi a boost and made her feel that she was never alone. Studying online did not diminish that feeling of connection.

“CDU has shaped me into the person I am today.”

A message for her younger self

CDU nursing student Fifi Giraneza standing against a wall smiling

So, knowing what she knows now, what advice would Fifi offer her younger self?

“If you dream of doing something and there’s an opportunity to do it, grab it with both hands,” she says. “Even if you’re unsure if it’s the right time or place for it, just take the step towards your dream. There’ll always be someone to help and support you. Don’t let the unknown or fear hold you back.

“Even if, when you start the course, you’re not 100% convinced, don’t be scared off. Explore what other options there are and talk to lecturers and ask them questions about what you might do instead.

“It’s not always about knowing what your final career choice is, but more about knowing what skills will be valuable for you to take away from study and how you can apply this in your career, whatever field that may be.”

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