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Daniel is engineering his future close to home

This article appears in: Engineering
Daniel Sales Head shot

Like most high schoolers, the decision of what to do after school was a tricky one for Daniel. As he moved closer to finishing school, the decision became clear. Studying a Bachelor of Engineering Science/Master of Engineering will allow Daniel to pursue his career as fast as possible.

As with most high schoolers, I was considering what to do with myself for a while. Each year the question became more pressing, at the start of year 12 I decided that studying to be an engineer was the best option. 

Choosing to stay home and study at CDU Casuarina was much easier for Daniel.

"It was simple; it dawned on me that by studying at CDU, I could stay at (or near home), saving me the hassle of living by myself, or at least make it easier, and saving me a bunch of money. "

"Even though CDU is a small uni, it has amazing resources. The computers at the library are amazing, the study spaces are amazing, and the assessment help from the library team is great. So many resources."

Daniel Sales - stairs

Engineering a career

Daniel's decision to study at CDU was also made easy thanks to the career outcomes available after completing study at CDU.

Furthermore, from both students, current and past, and from uni review’s, I learnt that CDU had great job outcomes for engineers, one of the best in the country. These things swayed me, and I basically only considered CDU after that. 

CDU is highly ranked for engineering graduate outcomes in Australia. With a range of engineering jobs available to graduates right at our doorstep.

"CDU is great because of all the work available in Darwin (especially for CDU graduates) in the engineering field. With experience comes more opportunities and more learning, which will hopefully help me have a greater impact."

Daniel highlights the practical elements of his courses and the ability to dive deep into the course content, allowing him to learn about the subject he is passionate about.

"A personal highlight was the mousetrap car I was able to make in class. Lots of work went into it, and it turned out great! "

Learning curve

While his first year of university has been exciting, it has come with some challenges. Daniel notes that the workload is significant and can catch you off guard if you are not prepared. But he does have some tips to help manage.

  1. Life and study balance – Set aside time during the week to study, and study hard during this time. This allows you to relax in the afternoons and weekends without feeling guilty.
  2. Course content - Go over notes, recordings, and textbooks slowly after class. Take it all in and do lots of practice questions.
  3. Lectures - Pre-read notes so you can take it all in and understand while the class is in progress.
  4. Assignments – Make a plan for when to start and finish assignments, check their deadlines, and allow time to complete them before they start stacking up.

Bonus advice – "I figured out who in my classes was good at assignments, and if they were working on an assignment that wasn't on my radar yet – it had to get on my radar real quick!"

Daniel Sales in class with friends

Daniel's advice to high schoolers looking to study

"Talk with the uni about your concerns, fears, and questions. They are super helpful and friendly. And don't worry too much about your grades if you are in high school – there is a way into many degrees that aren't immediately apparent."

CDU has 24/7 student support and a range of services available to help with questions you might have about studying, and also offers a number of flexible entry pathways.

"If you are unsure about a career, go see if you can get some work experience, and talk to as many people as you can about the career you are exploring. Pick their brains to your heart's content."

Working in the field is the best way to find out if this is the career for you. CDU offers career counselling and support to help our students future-proof their careers.

Daniel Sales - Assembly


Daniel has received the Department of Infrastructure, Logistics and Planning scholarship, which gives him the opportunity to work with the department during his semester break, allowing him to finish his studies with a year of work experience.

Once he finishes his degree, Daniel wishes to contribute to making an impact in the world.

'My goals are to contribute to making the world a better place by making things and helping companies doing good stuff.'

Follow your passion for engineering at Charles Darwin University.

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