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Dr Anna Fletcher is teaching by example

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Alumni awards finalist Dr Anna Fletcher teaching

Dr Anna Fletcher is no stranger to the university environment. With multiple qualifications under her belt she’s excelled in her career as an academic and early career researcher. Education is in her blood.

Since receiving her PhD from Charles Darwin University, Anna has worked closely with local and international schools and universities as a teacher educator and assessment researcher. Her commitment to the provision of high-quality learning opportunities for students is exemplary.

“The aim of my research is to describe, implement and theorise effective classroom assessment applications that promote student voice, student agency, and self-regulated learning,” says Anna.

“My research relates to student agency during the planning phase of the assessment as a formative learning process. My work also focuses on teachers' capacity building through using formative assessment.”

Opening up opportunities

Alumni awards finalist Dr Anna Fletcher presenting

In addition to her membership in the AARE Assessment and Measurement SIG, Anna serves as a member of the Federation University research groups PeCALE and AIRTE.

She has extensive experience leading funded ($200K+) research projects at regional and national levels, and instigating local, regional and international research partnerships which has resulted in Anna researching with international colleagues in multi-disciplinary research teams on funded projects ($750K+).

The PHD opened up many opportunities for me.

“Throughout my study I was able to go and present at conferences in Australia and internationally which boosted my confidence, helped me build up my profile, and gave me the chance to make connections with other academics around the world.”

Making her mark

Working closely with local and international schools and researchers, Anna’s contribution to education has been recognised in multiple awards including Australian Awards of University Teaching (AAUT), Vice-Chancellor’s Award, Federation University Australia and the Faculty of Education Individual Award and Teaching Excellence, Charles Sturt University.

Charles Darwin University has also recognised her contributions with a nomination for the Alumni Awards

Wise learnings

In teaching others, Anna now has many things she could teach her younger self.

“With study you need to pace yourself because it's something you do for a long time,” she says. “You need to incorporate it as part of your life and find a regime that works for you.”

Get up early and study if that helps you to manage your workload but also set realistic, partial goals and be kind to yourself.

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