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How I got into the swing of study before starting uni

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CDU student Felix Oryema smiling

Felex completed our Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP) in order to gain the skills to succeed at university after moving from Uganda. We asked him about his experience studying TEP, VET and Higher Education with CDU.

Why did you decide to study TEP?

I didn’t finish high school in Uganda before moving to Australia in 2006 and I had nearly two years of not studying. I was confident with my ability to succeed at higher level but needed help with understanding computers and improving my academic literacy and language to be able to succeed at university. 

Did you find the TEP program useful? What were the benefits and what new things did you learn?

I still can’t imagine how I would have succeeded in university without doing TEP. I came from an ESL country, I didn’t complete high school, I stayed for nearly two years without studying, didn’t know anything about computers or even touching a keyboard and also had to transition into Australian academic standard. TEP helped unlock all these barriers for me. Perhaps the most important thing was the support I received from the lectures both in and outside classroom. I didn’t know anything about computers or even touching a keyboard.

Why did you choose CDU?

There are several reasons as to why I chose to stay and study in Darwin and the first being that I left Uganda and came straight to Darwin. Secondly, I had support from my aunty, my brother, and sisters which gave me more reasons to stay in Darwin. I didn’t know the support I could get from CDU. However after inquiries with friends who had similar situations to me and had already started with CDU, I believed that I would be successful here while receiving professional academic and family support in Darwin.

What other programs have you studied after you completed TEP?

I did Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate IV in Nursing and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science - all with CDU.

What has the TEP program taught you about yourself?

Perhaps the most important thing I learnt about myself from this program was my level of intelligence and my ability to not give up easily on what I want to achieve. I have seen students who started before and after me but gave up. This tells me that nothing is easy or hard. The effort I put into something is what determines my success. Most importantly, I learnt to take any opportunity given as the last one and therefore make most out it.

I learnt to take any opportunity given as the last one and therefore make most out it

Is there anything else about you or your studies that you would like to share?

Right now, all I can say is that I am glad I came to Darwin and glad I did TEP. The opportunities I got here were so huge that I couldn’t imagine getting in other states. Darwin has been my home for nearly 10 years and it doesn’t matter wherever life will take me; I will still come home. I still have desires to study in the future. With my passion for health care industries, I can see myself studying medicine or master in the healthcare field. 

 Do you think TEP might be for you? Find out more about CDU's free alternative entry program here.

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