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Nancy is achieving her architectural design dreams

This article appears in: Communications and Design
CDU student Nancy Soliman standing in the drafting studio in front of a model building.

The support and flexibility that comes with a CDU arts degree is setting Nancy on the path to success to pursue a career in architectural design.

Creative-at-heart Nancy always knew she wanted to work in a creative field and she had a goal in mind: “I want to work in a professional field with room to grow.”

She decided to study an arts degree at CDU, with a focus on architectural and interior design, to achieve both her creative and professional goals.

During my degree, I could choose whether I wanted to go into the field of architecture or interior design. I’ve chosen architecture to give me more opportunities professionally. I’ll have the skills and knowledge to work in either field.

While Nancy’s arts degree won’t qualify her to practise as an architect, the flexibility of her degree is  preparing her to work in a wide range of building design roles.

She’s learning about the concepts and theories of architectural design, how to represent her design ideas and use industry-standard technologies. And if she does decide to become a practising architect, her degree is a pathway to an accredited architecture qualification.

“I’m in control of my own path to obtain my degree. Although CDU provides a recommended study plan, I’ve been able to shape my own to suit my interests and possibly let me finish my degree sooner.”

 CDU works around me, rather than me having to work around them.

CDU student Nancy Soliman in the library choosing a book.

Finding flexibility during her architecture course

Like many university students, Nancy has faced challenges. Her advice to other students finding themselves in the same situation is to be flexible and allow room for change.

In particular, Nancy had to delay her start to university. After finishing high school, she was excited to get going, but ended up having to start her course six months later.

“I wanted to get into university at the start of the year, stay focused on my architecture studies, graduate and start working,” she recalls. “But along the way, there are difficulties.”

Nancy had to start her course in the middle of the year, throwing off her original plans. However, there was a silver lining.

Coming to university I’ve realised that, while I may have had a plan, it's okay to go off plan sometimes because life happens along the way. Facing these challenges is an important part of personal growth. When you're uncomfortable – when you're going off plan – is when you grow.

Welcomed into a multicultural environment

Nancy felt right at home in CDU’s diverse study environment. “I’ve been able to interact and make friends with many people of different ethnicities, learning about religions and cultures that are different to my own.  

 I feel like I can be myself when I'm here. I don’t have to hide any part of myself - whether it's my serious side, whether it's my sarcastic side, I can be both.

New study buddies aside, Nancy’s been supported to succeed by the academic staff at CDU. “The lecturers are onboard with my study goals, and they respond pretty much straight away whenever I have questions.”

Pursue your creative passions as a profession. Study a flexible Arts degree at CDU and tailor your degree with a major of your choice. 

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