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Studying to be a role model for her own family: Feancy's story

This article appears in: Community Services and Social Work, TAFE
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Feancy had big plans to own a hotel, but starting a family and travelling the world changed her perspective. Now, with both a business degree and certificate in community services from CDU, she's working as a family support worker with Save the Children Australia. Read on to see how she's made it happen. 

Feancy is a woman on a mission. She recently completed a Certificate IV in Community Services at CDU to boost her ability to be a role model for parents and empower them to also be a good role model to their children.

And although being a role model hasn’t always been her main goal, over the years Feancy has consistently leaned in that direction.

A business-minded woman on a different kind of mission


Feancy Bangsa and family

“In my younger days, my dream was to own a hotel, so I decided to study business at CDU. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in business, while working full-time at Carpentaria Disability Services as a receptionist,” said Feancy, who immigrated to Australia with her parents at age nine.

After graduating with a degree in business, Feancy travelled through Europe for a month.

Over the years, she’s been in volunteer positions as a secretary with the Australian American Association NT and with an aged care facility in Adelaide. Then came a stint in Estonia, her husband’s birthplace, and several months of volunteer work as a foster carer at a family home. Along the way she also found time to have two beautiful children.

My perspective on life and my career changed during my travels and starting a family.

"I realised helping families and children is my passion,” said Feancy.

From volunteering to a full-time job

“When I began my Certificate in Community Services at CDU, I volunteered in a parenting support program with YWCA. I also participated in a parent group called Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY), which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services," she said. HIPPY is a two-year, home-based, early learning and parenting program.

Through that association, Feancy received a referral for a work placement with Save the Children Australia, a charity that works to ensure Aboriginal children have equal access to education and services. The charity's Programs include keeping children safe from harm, parenting support, access to school, and early childhood care and development programs.

Thanks to my Certificate IV in Community Services from CDU, I eventually landed a full-time job as an Intensive Family Support Worker with Save the Children Australia.


“I intend to remain with Save the Children and invest in myself—in more counselling, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, parenting, and meditation courses to support working with parents for the best interests of their child/ren needs," she said. 

Care for yourself to better care for others, says Feancy

To pursue a career in community services you should be genuinely dedicated to the community and have people’s best interests at heart.

“At the same time, in order to care for others, you yourself must be mentally and physically fit," said Feancy. "My morning ritual involves waking up at 4.30am for a jog, meditation and yoga, and watering my garden. Doing those things generates positive energy throughout my day."

“Regardless of how challenging things can get sometimes, I’ll never lose my passion and determination for providing support for families and ensuring their child safety needs are met.

“Continue learning and growing so you can become the person you want to be—and be the role model you want others to be inspired by,” Feancy added.

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