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When the accounting profession is your passion: Ajit's story

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Ajit Shinde

Accounting has always been a passion for Ajit Shinde. In his early twenties, Ajit studied a Master of Accounting (Professional Practice) at CDU's Waterfront campus in Darwin. Today, he works as a senior auditor and helps accounting students overcome barriers during their professional practice placements.

His number one piece of advice: "You need to know what you love doing and then everyday of your life is a blessing". Read on to see what this alumnus has to say about studying accounting.

What did you like most about studying with CDU?

I loved the multicultural environment right from my first day at the university. CDU offered a practical approach to accounting studies, and my professional practice gave me the opportunity to experience life outside uni. I was also a CDU student ambassador for Certified Practising Accountants Australia, which was a great chance to help my fellow students learn about accounting and the career prospects ahead.

What career opportunities did your accounting degree present?

While pursuing my Master's at CDU, I completed 200 hours of professional practice in the  audit team at KPMG. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate my skills, knowledge and work ethic, and experience life after uni. It was also an opportunity to make honest mistakes and learn from them. A few years down the line, I've worked as a senior audit and associate financial advisor and I am still enjoying my work in the accounting and financial services sector.

Focusing on yourself is the single biggest investment you can ever make.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Focus on becoming a better version of yourself every day. Focusing on yourself is the single biggest investment you can ever make and it has maximum returns. You need to know what you love doing and then every day of your life is a blessing to yourself. Take some time to find out what interests you and take more time to develop your passion.

Stay hungry. It might mean volunteering at an organisation; that can be the best opportunity to pursue your interests and learn the skills you've always wanted to.

Never be afraid of failure and remember that there is always something to learn from it. Take a leap, because if you don't take it, you will miss the opportunity anyway.

CDU is extremely resourceful in providing help to students who genuinely want to get work experience while studying. It is my personal advice for everyone to talk to uni lecturers and staff about these opportunities.

At CDU, you will come across people from different age groups, cultural background and levels of work experience. Interact and talk to people because everyone has a story to share and there's always something you learn.

How do you give back?

This might be cliché but you need to acknowledge everyone who has helped you to reach the stage of your life you are proud of. Don't just feel that way; actually say it to them. Tell them how they have contributed to your success.

I have good knowledge in accounting and I try to help current students understand some of the concepts they might have difficulty with. One thing that many students struggle with is public speaking skills. I have mentored many students and helped them stand up and overcome their fear of facing an audience. I enjoy banking and financial planning, and I help people with their basic financial planning needs.

Success is a very subjective term and it can have a different meaning to everyone. However, one thing that I do at every stage is give back. Give back to the community, to the people or anyone who can benefit from where I stand today.

CDU is extremely resourceful in helping students who genuinely want work experience while studying.

Anything else about your experience and graduating from CDU?

Studying at CDU is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The professors make an honest effort to help students get job-ready. I interacted with many people during my coursework and realised two things. Firstly, the importance of the journey that I was on, and secondly, the pride of graduating from Charles Darwin University.

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