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Associate Vice-Chancellor East Arnhem Region to be appointed

Charles Darwin University (CDU) will re-establish its presence in the East Arnhem Region by appointing a new Associate Vice-Chancellor for Nhulunbuy. 

For the first time, a new Associate Vice-Chancellor will be appointed to the East Arnhem Region by Charles Darwin University (CDU) to re-establish CDU’s presence in the region.

CDU is currently recruiting for the position and aims to have an appointment in place by early next year, set to provide high-level leadership in the East Arnhem region to meet community and industry needs.

The newly created position will improve engagement with the East Arnhem communities of the Northern Territory and will be responsible for the development and delivery of Regional and Strategic plans to provide a roadmap for CDU to re-establish a strong presence in the region.

The position will coordinate the development and delivery of VET, higher education courses and research programs that meet the region’s workforce and job creation needs. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor First Nations Leadership and Engagement Professor Reuben Bolt said the position will be key to ensuring CDU remains connected to regional and remote communities to make a difference in the Northern Territory.

“CDU recognises the value of connecting further with the communities of the East Arnhem Region to reinvigorate our presence in the region," Professor Bolt said.

"As the university of the Northern Territory, we are proud of the work that is already happening in the East Arnhem region, including research with Yolŋu communities and cultural leaders, language studies, and community service delivery but we want to have a consistent presence on the ground.”

“We also want to ensure we are further connecting with First Nations communities in the region to ensure their voices and knowledges helps guide our academic delivery across a range of disciplines.”

CDU’s Learning Centre in Nhulunbuy was established in 2003 offering Vocational Education and Training programs, higher education support and research in Nhulunbuy and other parts of East Arnhem Land including training in remote homelands, the centre was discontinued in 2019.

CDU Vice-Chancellor Scott Bowman has travelled to the region several times since his inception in his commitment to spend more time in the regions.

CDU in the past had a strong presence in Nhulunbuy with an active training centre, but for whatever reason, we withdrew leaving a substantial proportion of the NT population with only fly-in-fly out access to their University,” Professor Bowman said.

“This has to change – that’s why we will appoint an Associate Vice-Chancellor to the East Arnhem Region, who will be based in Nhulunbuy.

“This will be a person who can work with the community of Nhulunbuy and East Arnhem to establish what training, education and research it needs and to build up a meaningful training and education hub again.

“We want to send a strong message to communities in that region that CDU will be back in town with a physical presence, and that education pathways are available for those communities who wish to study and gain important training they need close to home.”

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