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CDU strengthens educational ties with Timor-Leste

CDU strengthens educational ties with Timor-Leste
A new agreement has been recently signed by Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the Dili International School (DIS) in Timor-Leste, to strengthen educational ties with East Timor to benefit CDU students.

A new agreement between Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the Dili International School (DIS) in Timor Leste will enable pre-service teachers in the Territory to gain practical experience in classrooms in East Timor.

The new Memorandum of Understanding recently signed establishes a formal partnership between the two education providers, enhancing the educational opportunities for CDU Bachelor of Education students who wish to obtain a teaching placement in East Timor as a part of their degrees.

CDU Vice-Chancellor Scott Bowman said the agreement would enhance international relations and friendship, as well as develop academic and cultural exchanges in learning and teaching.

“Charles Darwin University is proud to invigorate our partnership with Dili International School and offer our students an engaging cultural and learning experience in Timor-Leste,” Professor Bowman said.

“We already have strong links to Timor-Leste and continue to build them with effective collaboration, respect and partnerships that support the learning and development of our students.”

“This agreement supports opportunities to grow our reach and impact across the NT, Australia and beyond, specifically to partner in education and research opportunities with like-minded institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Existing international collaboration between CDU and Dili International School (DIS) includes joint courses, scholarly exchanges, scholarships, short-term study tours and Study Abroad programs, among other opportunities to generate mutually beneficial education outcomes.

Dili International Secondary School Principal Tim Blackman said the partnership with CDU opens a new chapter in their continued approach to providing well-rounded and world-class education for their students.

“Our scholarship programme will see more Timorese people gain an Australian qualification and return to contribute to the well-being and development of their country,” Mr Blackman said.

“We are confident that our shared values and commitment to high-quality education and progress in Timor-Leste, the possibilities are endless for what CDU and DIS can achieve together.”

The pre-service teacher placement will allow CDU students to complete their required practical experience, while also raising the profile of CDU amongst the students in Timor Leste.

“We hope that by immersing themselves in all that our school has to offer, early career teachers will be motivated to work in rich culturally-diverse schools in Australia and beyond, or even return to our school,” he said.

The MoU was supported by CDU Global and the School of Education in the CDU College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts.

For more information on the CDU Bachelor of Education courses, visit here.

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