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First CDU Music Society strikes a chord with influx of new members

CDU Music Society Committee
CDU Music Society Advisor Kaylee Pham, Vice President Kon Hung Lau, President Hon Sing Choi (Ken), Treasurer Ojashwi Shrestha (OJ), Social Media Officer Lok Man Ho (Charlie), and Secretary Lok Hang Chan (Jason).

The first Charles Darwin University (CDU) Music Society has struck a chord with music enthusiasts in Darwin since its inception earlier this semester, and now boasts a membership of 120 music aficionados eager to share their passion.

The ‘CDU Musos’ bring together students, staff, and alumni into a vibrant music community that welcomes musicians of all skill levels and backgrounds.

President and Founder Ken Choi, a CDU Master of Information Technology (IT) student, said he started the society as there were no existing student groups that catered to musical interests or talent, and was surprised to see more than one hundred new members join just since July.

“We didn’t expect so many people to join in the first few months,” Mr Choi said.

“But it has been great to meet new people who have the same love of music as us. I started the CDU Music Society to create something fun for all music enthusiasts at CDU and I am really excited for what’s to come.

"Whether you're an experienced musician or just have a passion for music, we welcome anyone who wants to express their creativity, learn, and be a part of our musical community. It's not about how skilled you are; it's about the joy of making music together."

The committee members are studying IT, computer science and medical laboratory science at CDU and are skilled in guitar, bass, ukulele and vocals.

So far, the active student group had an open mic night and a singing competition, with plans to entertain the rest of the CDU community at upcoming events and activities.

Advisor Kaylee Pham said music was a fantastic way to bring the CDU community together.

“If you're into singing, playing instruments, or just enjoying music, our future events will have something for everyone,” Ms Pham said.

“We believe that music is a universal language that transcends differences and unites us in the most beautiful way."

Vice President Kon Hung Lau plays the drums, and said Friday tutorial sessions held for society members were popular.

“The tutorial sessions have been a fantastic way for our members to grow and learn from one another,” Mr Lau said.

“We can't wait to keep growing our musical family and sharing our passion with even more people in the CDU community.”

For more information on CDU student groups, see here.

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