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Milestones and Annual Reports

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Besides your thesis, you will also need to fulfil some other milestones.  These milestones are designed to help you complete your thesis and enhance your career.  

For example, you will need to

  •  write and present an extensive research proposal that outlines the research you plan to conduct—called a confirmation of candidature
  • complete a progress report each year, in which you answer survey questions about your progress this year, the impediments you have experienced, and the support you would like
  • If you need to seek human or animal ethics approval, you will also need to complete an Annual/Final Report of Ethics clearance with your supervisor
  • complete some training in research integrity, research methods, and research communication
  • complete some other tasks, such as a supervision agreement and a presentation several months before you "submit”

You cannot earn your degree until you have fulfilled these milestones.  This webpage presents more information about each milestone.

Please read all the information below relevant to your candidature milestones in Charles Darwin University. For any enquiries regarding your milestones, please contact

lecture in lecture theatre

Confirmation of candidature

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Merita - Public Health Student

Annual Progression Report

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Conservation & Land Management at CDU

Research Ethics and Annual Ethics Clearance

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