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Animal ethics

Our commitment

Aquaculture at CDU

Charles Darwin University has a strong commitment to research excellence and integrity.

Through our world-class teaching and research profile, we deliver a significant contribution to furthering animal welfare and conservation in Australia and internationally.

Ensuring the welfare and ethical use of animals associated with that research is the cornerstone of the work of CDU animal ethics personnel and the CDU Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).

The CDU AEC and Animal Welfare Officer (acting in accordance with the NT Animal Welfare Act and regulations and the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes), are responsible for the administration of animal ethics and welfare at CDU.

The CDU AEC provides services to both CDU researchers and educators, as well as those from other organisations throughout the Northern Territory, assisting them to comply with ethical and legislative requirements. 

Services provided include managing submissions for ethical consideration, delivering animal ethics training and responding to animal welfare concerns.

Please contact the animal ethics team to discuss how they can support you in your work.

CDU AEC Meetings

The CDU AEC meets eight times every year. Closing dates for submissions are published alongside each meeting date below. Submission deadlines are approximately two weeks prior to a scheduled AEC meeting.

2021 AEC Meetings

Meeting No.Submission Deadline (by 8:00am)Meeting Date
AEC Meeting 1/2118 January3 February
AEC Meeting 2/2122 February10 March
AEC Meeting 3/215 April21 April
AEC Meeting 4/2124 May9 June
AEC Meeting 5/215 July21 July
AEC Meeting 6/2123 August8 September
AEC Meeting 7/2111 October27 October
AEC Meeting 8/2115 November1 December


Expression of Interest: AEC Membership (All Category Members)

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for Category A, B, C and D members for CDU Animal Ethics Committee.  Please see our information flyers below for further information and criteria for each position. If you would like to apply, please send an expression of interest cover letter along with your CV via email to

Category A (PDF, 96.8 KB) position 

Category B (PDF, 97.86 KB) position

Category C (PDF, 144.25 KB) position

Category D (PDF, 99.08 KB) position

Respect for animals must underpin all decisions and actions involving the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, NHMRC, 2013