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HDR Milestones

Interim Progress Report

How to write an absatract
  • The interim report is to be used by part-time candidates that are in between the three ‘yearly’ milestones.  The acceptable pattern of use of this form is milestone one – interim – milestone two – interim – milestone three.  One further interim form may be required during the concluding stages of the candidature.
  • A presentation is not required for an Interim Milestone.
  • This form is to be used by overtime candidates.  If scholars have moved beyond a three-year completion, then this form is required to be present for verification and analysis of their completion plan.
  • It is particularly important for these two groups that rigorous attention be placed on time management and the configuration of concrete goals to completion. Backward mapping must be applied with rigour and clarity.

Candidates who are required to complete an interim report will be given one (1) months' notice.

Form: HDR24 - Interim Progress Report (
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