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Time for Research

Presenter Dr Maria Gardiner (IThinkWell)
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Office of Research & Innovation
Location Online
Open to Early career researcher, HDR candidates, Researcher
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As a busy academic/ research student do you feel like you never have enough time to get to your research, particularly the writing part? And that other things like doing the research, teaching, administration, committees, emails etc. demand all your time?

This workshop shows you how to guarantee you spend high-quality time on your research outputs. It covers prioritising, goal setting and managing competing demands either from work or home. If you want to increase your research output without compromising your work/life balance, then this workshop is for you. Key aspects of this workshop have been featured in the journal Nature.

This workshop will show you how to:

  • take control of your time
  • prioritise
  • think more realistically about your research productivity
  • say NO (and understand why it is so hard to do so)
  • stop procrastinating and stay motivated
  • manage email and paperwork
  • avoid distractions
  • work the slightly less hard way
  • balance competing demands

This workshop is a part of the Research Enhancement Program (REP)

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About the speaker:

Dr Maria Gardiner (Thinkwell) BA (Hons) MPsych (Clinical) PhD

Over the last 20 years Maria has worked with many of Australia's medical and academic leaders along with many thousands of early career researchers and PhD students. She consults to over half of the universities in Australia on a regular basis. She is a presenter and communicator, delivering powerful presentations to thousands of participants in seminars in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She also coaches high performing research groups.

The basis of Maria’s work is to focus on what characteristics and attitudes create the highest possible performance and then to translate this into practical, useable strategies that are informal and easy to absorb.

Maria is also a respected researcher, holding a research associate position in the School of Psychology at Flinders University. As a co-author with Hugh Kearns, she has published five books which are in high demand both in Australia and internationally.

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