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CDU Katherine Campus - RINA
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Research Institute for Northern Agriculture (RINA)

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The Research Institute for Northern Agriculture (RINA) is addressing the opportunities and challenges of sustaining and developing primary industry in northern Australia with a focus on agriculture, aquaculture and biosecurity research.

RINA creates and develops a critical mass of research excellence at CDU to address the research, technical and innovation needs of northern Australia’s agricultural and aquaculture sectors, including First Nations enterprises. The aim is to support the growth of the broader industry and its economic and sustainable development.

At CDU, RINA builds on existing research expertise and infrastructure including state-of-the-art laboratories, field infrastructure, Katherine Research Campus and a collaborative network of partners across government, First Nations, industry, non-profit, community and research organisations across northern Australia and beyond.

With the institute’s support from the Australian Government Department of Education through its Regional Research Collaboration (RRC) Program, the partnership with industries, other universities and the Northern Territory Government (NTG), RINA will support the growth agenda of primary industry, including First Nations enterprises and sustainable development.

Why investigate with RINA?

The Northern Territory’s beef industry is worth $1.2 billion and employs 10,000 people directly and indirectly throughout the supply chain.

Northern Australia is recognised as a high-risk zone for the introduction of exotic pests and pathogens due to its vastness, remoteness and high vulnerability.

The cropping sector in northern Australia has huge potential while facing unique challenges.

Aquaculture in northern Australia is growing rapidly in volume and value while also expanding into new species, including First Nations-led developments.


Our research areas

Tropical aquaculture - RINA

Tropical aquaculture

Tropical biosecurity - RINA

Tropical biosecurity

Tropical broadacre cropping system - RINA

Broadacre cropping systems

Sustainable pastoral system - RINA

Sustainable pastoral systems


  • Researchers at Charles Darwin University (CDU) will collaborate with scientists from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (DITT) to investigate water use patterns and the efficiency of the Territory’s rain-fed cotton crops.

    Study looking at how to make NT cotton industry get through “those rainy days”

    A new study into how cotton responds to Northern Territory’s rainfall patterns will help in developing a sustainable and resilient industry not reliant on irrigation.

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  • Researchers at Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) Research Institute for Northern Agriculture (RINA) will conduct a study into biting midges, an insect of concern, which can carry potentially deadly diseases that can affect Australian livestock

    CDU investigating the biosecurity threat of disease carrying midges

    Researchers at Charles Darwin University (CDU) will soon be on the frontline of protecting Northern Australia against potentially severe animal blood borne diseases with a new project looking into the biting midges, an insect of concern for its potential to carry disease that could damage the Australian livestock industry. 

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  • Two Charles Darwin University (CDU) projects have received Australian Government funding as part of the Australian Government’s National Industry PhD program.

    CDU receives a share of funding to help solve key industry problems

    Researchers from Charles Darwin University (CDU) will play a vital role in shaping solutions for key Australian industries after receiving two of only 32 projects funded through the Australian Government’s National Industry PhD program.

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