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Faculty of Arts and Society

Pre-placement requirements

InSchool education placements

In order for your placement to be sourced, pre-placement requirements (security clearance/s, pre-service teacher agreement, and introductory profile must be uploaded to your placement portal (InPlace). 

Security clearances
Clearance requirements 

It's compulsory when working with children to complete background checks and screening. If you don't have the appropriate clearance, you won't be permitted to commence placement.

State and Territory requirements are updated regularly. You are responsible for ensuring you have all the required clearances and checks in place and are up-to-date.

Please apply for your clearance/s early as the process can take up to three months. In some instances, workshops or training must be completed.

Please refer to the current policy in your State or Territory below.

You must submit copies of all certificates and screenings to the placement portal as soon as possible upon enrolment in a placement unit. 

State and Territory policies


A Letter of offer is not evidence of your enrolment.

Pre-Service teachers need to be registered on the ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) Pre-Service Teacher Register 


If you are applying for the volunteer concession fee for your working with children clearance (Ochre card) please contact to complete the volunteer organisation section. 

COVID-19 vaccination

Pre-service teachers must meet the vaccination requirements mandated by the Chief Health Officer and education setting in the state or territory where they are undertaking placement. Please check your local COVID-19 requirements to ensure that you meet the vaccination requirements to attend placement in an education setting.  


Pre-service teacher agreement

This important document outlines your responsibilities before and during your education placement. It must be signed and uploaded to your student portal (InPlace) when you enrol in your first placement unit. 

Pre-service teacher agreement (PDF, 221.84 KB)

You only need to sign this once, but you should read this before every placement to clarify your responsibilities during professional experience placements.    

Introductory profile

Introductory profiles are professional documents that provide the placements team and education settings with valuable information that helps to place you.

When writing your Professional Statement, keep it concise and relevant but more than one-two lines.

Please also include information such as:

  • qualifications (e.g. Master’s Degree in Business, Bachelor Degree in Science)
  • any experience (e.g. tutoring, support officer in a school, after-hours school care, volunteering with children’s charities, working with special needs students).

After each placement, please updateyour profile and upload to your student portal (InPlace).

Early Learning and Primary 

Download the Introductory Profile - Early Learning and Primary (DOCX, 450.18 KB)


Download the Introductory Profile – Secondary (DOCX, 453.64 KB)

Secondary teaching areas 

Your course coordinator advises you about your major and minor teaching areas.

Once you have confirmed these with your course coordinator, please use this guide to record your major and minor teaching areas for middle years and senior secondary.

Download the Secondary teaching areas (PDF, 131.38 KB)

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