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Faculty of Arts and Society



"Inspiring and empowering students to transform the barriers to their aspirations and success by providing them with the right skills and knowledge, in the right way for them at just the right time. Expertise and inspiration in language, literacies and learning through co-curricular design and delivery to enhance student retention and success by providing them with a successful journey through university pathways".


Transform Lab’s research expertise empowers stakeholders by attending to cultural, linguistic, social and educative barriers through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching, learning and research.  Expertise spans the broad fields of applied linguistics, languages education, literacy education, enabling education, and teacher education, across the areas of practice, pedagogy and policy. Collaborative research teams work within three Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to build on expertise within the Lab and work with experts and stakeholders across the region and context to innovate while instigating impactful outcomes across key research issues.  

Special interest groups 

  • Language and Linguistics is a collaborative research space with a research focus on language, applied linguistics and learning in the multilingual context of Northern Australia and South East Asia. Researchers are working on projects in both-ways learning models, multimodality, multilingualism, TESOL, and English for academic purposes, as well as interdisciplinary projects informed by; and informing practice.  
  • Enabling Education is concerned with exploring and understanding student success, experience and retention in educative spaces across study pathways. Research focus on exploring new opportunities for enabling students, improving student outcomes, enriching the student experience and building enabling education as a discipline. 
  • Education Reform practice, pedagogy and policy across all levels of education. Researchers have a directed interest in projects concerning initial teacher education. 


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