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Faculty of Arts and Society

Humanities and Social Sciences

Analyse what is happening in the world right now, how we got here and where we are going.

Analyse worldwide issues such as globalisation and social and political change. As a graduate in Humanities and Social Sciences, you'll find meaningful employment in museums, land councils, research, training, communications and diplomacy.

Areas of study include Communications, History, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Indigenous Cultural Studies. 

Find courses in Humanities and Social Sciences at CDU.

Indigenous Knowledges

The study of Indigenous knowledge systems and cultures will provide you with the ability to operate within the guidelines of Indigenous protocols both nationally and globally. You will be taking part in the preservation and advancement of Indigenous knowledge systems.

Find courses in Indigenous Knowledges at CDU.


In our increasingly multicultural society, learning a second language is more valuable than ever.

Choose from globally and regionally significant languages such as Chinese, Indonesian or Modern Greek or learn a language closer to home by studying Indigenous languages. 

Learn more about Laguages at CDU.

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