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CYCM Programs and Classes

Junior Music Program

Fun and foundational music activities
Junior music program

The Junior Music Program is a special part of the CYCM’s ensemble programs held on Saturday mornings. It caters for children between the age of three to seven years old. .

All instruments and props are provided for students. Children will have the opportunity to perform in our concerts twice a year. 

There are four school terms in a CYCM calendar year. Within each term, students will receive eight lessons.

The Junior Music Program has three levels: First Steps; Soundscapes and Little Voices. 

The three levels of the Junior Music Program are sequenced to provide age-appropriate learning experiences that build upon prior knowledge.

JMP1: First Steps, ages 3 - 5
10:30am - 11am 

Cost: $140 for eight lessons

JMP1 is aimed at children between the ages 3-5 years of age. In these classes, children begin the foundations of musical understanding through exploring concepts such as pitch, rhythm, melody, musical interpretation and expression, as well as listening and responding to a wide range of music.

These concepts are taught through a fun range of activities including but not limited to recognising and playing different instruments and understanding their role, echo singing and playing; implementing the concept of sol-fa as the building blocks of singing and integrating music and movement to promote coordination. 

Age Range3 – 5
Parents must accompany child and are encouraged to participate in the child's learning.
GoalsThe emphasis at this level is enjoying music through singing, movement, playing instruments and music games.
junior music
JMP2: Soundscapes, ages 5 -7

11am - 11:45am 

Cost: $140 for eight lessons

JMP2 classes are aimed for ages 5-7yrs old; in this class, children will build a strong foundation of musical understandings through written, visual and aural methods. This will include introductions to musical terminology and the relevant definition, as well as applying these theoretical understandings into theory. Matched with fun songs and games, this program creates a smooth transition into school aged music and stimulates children already at school beyond the curriculum.

Age Range5 – 7
GoalsTo develop a strong foundation and understanding of musical terminology, through an environment of fun songs and games.
JMP3: Little Voices, ages 5 - 8 

10am - 10:45am 

Cost: $140 for eight lessons

JMP3, children learn the skills needed to sing in a choir in a supportive, encouraging group-learning environment. Building on the skills and experiences of the previous levels, the level-three program includes creating, listening, and moving to music, as well as developing musical literacy skills in a fun and holistic way. Students should have already completed at least two terms in JMP2-Soundscapes.

Age Range5 – 8
GoalsLittle Voices is the first in a range of vocal development programs. The purpose of this program is to introduce children between the ages of 5 -8 to sing as a group. The focus of this group will be to develop aural and vocal skills through short songs and movement activities.

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