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Indigenous Leadership

Engagement & events

Celebrate and commemorate Indigenous achievement

We take pride in celebrating Indigenous academic achievement and commemorating the anniversaries of significant Indigenous struggles and victories.

We strengthen community engagement through culturally relevant events which further understanding and respect of our Indigenous peoples, cultures, histories and our many contributions to Australian society.

Key events include the annual CDU Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, National Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, Indigenous Valedictory celebrations, local and regional festivals and events that celebrate Indigenous culture, family, education, and wellbeing.

Events calendar

  • Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generation
  • National Sorry Day
  • National Reconciliation Week
  • Garrmalang Festival
  • Anniversary of 1967 referendum
  • Barunga Festival
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Garma Festival (POSTPONED FOR 2021)
  • Freedom Day Festival
  • Anniversary of UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People's
  • Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture - August 26th, 2021 - Kalkaringi, Freedom Day Festival

    Gurindji Art Exhibition -  August 2021 - Blue 2 Cafe Gallery 

    Indigenous Valedictory Ceremonies 2021

    • Darwin: 26 May & 15 September   
    • Alice Springs: 24 June





Indigenous Leadership Engagement

Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture

The Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture commemorates the Wave Hill Station walk-off led by Vincent Lingiari with his Gurindji people and other groups in August 1966 – a significant act by those involved as it was a catalyst for Aboriginal people, not only in the Northern Territory but across Australia, to have their rights to traditional lands recognised and for those lands to be returned.

Vincent Lingiari and Gough Whitlam

Nugget Coombs Memorial Lecture

The Nugget Coombs Memorial Lecture is a free public lecture that from 2010 has been co-presented by the Australian National University through its North Australian Research Unit (NARU) and Charles Darwin University through its Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Leadership.

Nugget Coombs

Shaping the Future Forum

Hosted on 23 January 2019 at Charles Darwin University, Casuarina Campus

A presentation of research projects related to 'better understanding and responding to the needs of regional and remote Indigenous Higher education students in the NT'

These research projects were awarded a 2018 Australian Rural Education Award by the Society for the Provision of Rural Education in Australia (SPERA) for five intersecting Indigenous higher education related research projects emanating out of our office.

The award is given to projects that demonstrate a proven link between a rural, regional and/or remote school or learning context and the local community, and benefiting a defined group.

These projects have included partnerships with BIITE, CQU, SUT and various funding bodies.

  • Forum introduction
    Welcome to Country – Bilawara Lee
    Opening Remarks – Professor Simon Maddocks
    Scene Setting – Mr Shane Motlap & Words from EPHEA – Ms Gabrielle O’Brien

    Presentation 1 
    'What does success look like in Indigenous higher education policy contexts in the NT?: Indigenous stakeholder perspectives' presented by Ms Catherine Street (PhD Student) & Mr Shane Motlap

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation

    Presentation 2
    'Barriers to, and facilitators of, Indigenous student success: Perspectives from the frontline' presented by Ms Kim Robertson & Professor James Smith

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation

    Presentation 3
    'Understanding Indigenous Student completions from two regional universities – What can cohort analysis tell us' presented by Ms Fiona Shalley

    Watch on YouTube 
    Download the presentation powerpoint

    Presentation 4
    'Surveys with Indigenous students: What do they tell us?' presented by Ms Penny Szybiak

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation

    Presentation 5
    'Strengthening evaluation in Indigenous higher education contexts in Australia' presented by Professor James Smith & Dr Kellie Pollard

    Download the presentation powerpoint

    Presentation 6
    'Evidence-based actions to support remote Indigenous participation in higher education: What do we know and where to next?' presented by Ms Donna Stephens & Professor James Smith

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation powerpoint

    Presentation 7
    'Building the Indigenous higher education workforce in Australia: What needs to be done?' presented by Dr Sarah Ireland & Ms Kim Robertson

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation powerpoint

    Presentation 8
    'Provocations and contestations of boarding for remote students as a pathway into higher education' presented by Associate Professor John Guenther and Mr Andrew Lloyd

    Watch on YouTube
    Download the presentation powerpoint