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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Register your device

Using the registration tool. (2fa.cdu.edu.au)

CDU has implemented 2FA to improve the security of our information and systems. Just like most banks and other institutions that hold sensitive information, CDU has followed industry best practice in the protection of your information. 2FA has only been implemented for CDU Staff. It will NOT affect Students.

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How to register a device for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) at CDU?

To register a device for 2FA at CDU please watch the video. (85 secs)

You can make the video full screen by clicking the double headed arrow in the top right corner after it has started. You can also pause the video or scroll back at any time to review the information.


To use Two Factor Authentication at CDU you need to register your device.

When you first go to access something that requires Two Factor Authentication and you haven't registered a device, you will be prompted to register one. You will be stepped through the short one off registration process.

Register your device now using the registration tool.

or register your device in the Portal.

Click your username on the top right corner (1) followed by choosing the "My Account" menu option (2). You can manage your 2FA settings by selecting "Two Factor Auth" from the navigation menu on the left (3).

Accessing 2FA

Click the "Register/Re-Register" button and follow the instruction on the page.

Mobile Device Applications

You will need to install a One Time Passcode application on your mobile device.

FreeOTP Athenticator

FreeOTP Authenticator

We recommend FreeOTP Authenticator which is available free for Android and iOS (Apple Devices) mobile phones.

Please visit Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Details for more information.


Contact information

W: logit.cdu.edu.au

IT Kiosk, Red 1, Casuarina campus
Office hours: 8am - 4pm, Mon- Fri (CST)

08 8946 6600 (ext 6600)
Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
7.30am - 5.30pm (Fri)


ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

Find out more about how ITMS are making the transition to ADAPT.

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