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Environmental Sciences

  • Meg Parry Environmental Sciences alumni at CDU

    Knowing when to ask for help: Meg's study story

    When Meg graduated from CDU with a Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours Degree, she quickly landed a job in her chosen profession. But Meg’s success came after many challenges. Her story is one of persistence, passion and knowing when to reach out for help.

  • CDU student Sigit Sasmito taking research notes in the forest

    How Sigit is shaping Indonesian environmental policy

    There’s nothing more compelling to a researcher than knowing their work will have a real-world impact in an area of true significance. Sigit's research project into the impact of human behaviour on mangrove forests is set to define environmental policy for his home country of Indonesia. 

  • Erica Two weeks in the Amazon protecting the turtles

    My two weeks in the Amazon protecting turtles

    As part of her Bachelor of Environmental Science, CDU student Erica Smith seized the opportunity to cross Brazil off her travel bucket list as she took part in the two-week Brazilian Amazon Field Intensive (BAFI) offered by CDU's College of Engineering, IT and Environment. 

  • Alana 1800x800

    Studying Science to become an ecologist: Alana's story

    CDU student Alana de Laive has developed a keen interest in wildlife and herpetology. She has worked in various roles as an ecologist and wildlife keeper and wanted to further her career by undertaking a part-time Bachelor of Science (Ecology) degree with CDU. Alana is continuing her studies with an Honours project focusing on the conservation of the giant Amazon River turtle.  

  • CDU Professor Sam Banks sits on the rocks at the beach with his laptop

    How I became an environmental science researcher

    Professor Sam Banks explains how he’s forged a successful career in environmental conservation research and offers advice for getting the most out of your undergraduate Environmental Science degree - especially if you’re interested in research.

  • CDU Student Alyson with an baby possum

    Coming home to give back to the environment: Alyson’s PhD story

    Alyson Stobo-Wilson is an Environmental Scientist completing her PhD at Charles Darwin University. Many of her days are spent traipsing through the tropical savannas of northern Australia collecting data on a new species of marsupial glider. 

  • Larissa Potter Head Banner

    Larissa's Top End adventures: on the trail of a mysterious mammal

    Passionate about ecology and wildlife, Larissa Potter graduated from CDU with a Bachelor of Science with first class Honours. She was nominated by her lecturers as a Valedictorian for her outstanding academic record.

  • Mitchell Beagley 1800X800

    Turning a hobby into a degree: Mitchell’s story

    Like so many others, Mitchell Beagley didn’t know what he wanted to do when he finished Year 12. Luckily, he discovered a traineeship in a field he’s passionate about and has since completed a Cert II and III in Aquaculture, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science with CDU – all while juggling full-time work and parenting duties.

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