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How you can change careers entirely in just 2 years

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Already hold an undergraduate degree? These postgraduate study options could unlock the opportunity to change careers entirely – in just two years.

COVID-19 has brought with it a lot of change. For many, that includes a want – or a need – to reflect on their career and job options into the future.

“If a new career path is on your radar, now might be the right time to consider how you can re-qualify to work in an entirely new field,” explains Marissa Briston, from CDU’s team of study and career experts.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, you may be able to change careers faster. Even if your first degree is a completely unrelated field.

“There is a renewed focus on the Australia’s critical workforce, which includes, among others, the people who keep wheels turning in our health, education and finance sectors,” says Marissa.

“If you’re looking for a postgraduate degree that will give you highly tangible and secure job outcomes well into the future, you can’t go past courses that will qualify you to work in teaching, health, nursing and even accounting.”

Professional postgraduate degrees explained

You probably know that postgraduate study is one way to advance your career. But what you may not know is that there are different types of postgraduate courses.

Some postgraduate degrees are for people who want to stay in their industry, and build their skillset and knowledge.

But other postgraduate degrees are for people who want to move into an entirely new industry – such as teaching or nursing – and need to have a specific degree in order to get a job. These are often called professional postgraduate degrees.

How to become a nurse in 2 years

nursing virtual open day

2020 has shown us that demand for nurses is high – and that’s not set to change any time soon. Nurses are the most in-demand job in Australia and we’ll be short 85,000 nurses by 2025 (according to Deloitte Access Economics).

If you’ve already got an undergraduate degree, you can become a nurse in just two years with a Master of Nursing (Pre-registration).

This two-year course (which you can study online) is designed for people from non-nursing, non-health backgrounds who want to change careers and become a nurse.

On graduating, you’ll have the qualification you need to register as a nurse in Australia. And you’ll be ready to get straight into work in a hospital or non-hospital environment.

Explore CDU’s online nursing courses

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How to become a teacher in 2 years

CDU student Matt North with his class

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that our children are the future. And their education is really, really important. Australia will always need teachers in cities, rural areas and remote regions, and the Australian Government is predicting strong growth in teaching roles over the next five years.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can become a teacher with a two-year online Master of Teaching.

This degree is designed for people who already have professional experience in another field, but want to change careers and become a teacher. At CDU, you can study a teaching degree online and do placements close to home. Once your placements are complete and you’ve graduated, you will meet the requirements to register as a teacher in Australia.

Explore CDU’s online teaching courses

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How to become an accountant in less than 2 years

Student at CDU

Accountants are one of the behind-the-scenes superheros we need to know about. In these tricky financial times, they play an important role in helping large corporates, small businesses and individuals navigate money woes.

The outlook is positive for accounting jobs: the Australian Government predicts strong growth in accounting jobs in the next five years.

Looking further afield, around 90% of CFOs in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai are having trouble finding skilled accountants.

If you’ve already got an undergraduate degree, you could become an accountant an online Master of Accounting, with options to qualify in 18 months to two years. This course is designed for people from non-accounting, non-numbers backgrounds who want to launch a career in accounting.

On graduating, you’ll be eligible for membership to Australia and New Zealand’s peak industry bodies for accountants (which is often required to secure an accounting job).

Explore CDU’s online accounting degrees

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Whether you want to change or advance your career, postgraduate study can unlock a new world of opportunity. Explore CDU’s flexible, online postgraduate courses.

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