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Changing careers

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    How much does uni cost?

    Your desire to study doesn’t have to be held back because you think you can’t afford it. Let's remove the mystery about study expenses, find out what to budget for, and look at options to reduce your costs.

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    The difference between higher education and VET

    In Australia, tertiary study falls into two categories: Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET, also known as TAFE). The type of study you choose will depend on your career goals.

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    Financial support for study: What help can I get?

    It can be daunting wondering how you’re going to pay for university study and the costs that come with taking time to study, such as child care or reduced working hours, but there is help out there for you.

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    'There is help wherever you turn': Kenisha on studying after kids

    Indigenous woman Kenisha never imagined she'd become a lawyer. But, after having two kids, overcoming family challenges and living all over Australia, she's studying law at CDU. And now she's emerging as a leader in her community.

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    The surprising direction Jodi's career took after her nursing degree

    When Jodi started studying nursing online at CDU, she was working in aged care with the dream of becoming a nurse. A few years later, with her nursing degree in hand, she’s ended up back in aged care.

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    Mature-aged student Ruth’s secret to success? Horsepower!

    Ruth McConigley’s journey to academic and entrepreneurial success has taken as many turns as a barrel rider. Ruth has transitioned from teacher to student to successful businesswoman—all while juggling married life, two young daughters, and a stable full of horses. Now living in the small town of Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia, Ruth reflects on how it all came to be.

  • Student studying online in a cafe

    5 tips to speed up your uni application

    If you’re considering a degree, the university application process may feel a little overwhelming. There are a few steps involved and a fair bit of paperwork. But, don’t despair. Heed these words of advice from CDU’s Manager of Admissions and Scholarships, Kara Blohm, to smooth your journey.

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    Year 12 disaster to CDU honours student

    Joel Benesha is what you’d call a high achiever. During his time at CDU, the software engineering honours student has been the recipient of over ten scholarships. But things haven’t always been this way. Joel failed Year 12 and “hit rock bottom.” He talks about how he picked himself up and turned his life around.

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    It wasn’t easy returning to school as a mature student for Karita

    You might look at a list of Karita McCarthy’s recent accomplishments and think that studying comes naturally to her. As a Bachelor of Nursing student at CDU, Karita has certainly had a string of successes. But it wasn’t always that way...

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