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Chao hopes to change lives through IT

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CDU Student Chao smiling

An inquisitive mind and deep desire to help others led Chao Liang to Australia to study a postgraduate Information Technology degree with Charles Darwin University. But relocating his life from northern China to Darwin was just the start of Chao’s journey of personal discovery, which would enrich his learning experience as an international student.

“Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to know more about this world,” Chao said. “I want to use the knowledge I gain through my life experiences, including studying and working in IT, to make this world a better place.”

 “After I graduated from university in China, I realised that the life experiences and knowledge that I had was not enough for me and I that needed to explore other parts of the world,” Chao said.

Chao chose to study IT because he said technology plays a huge role in improving and simplifying life for people around him and will continue to in the decades to come. 

If I can learn more in fields like software engineering, data analysis and cyber security, I’ll be able to help create a better life for people I care about as well as those in need of help

"Because the only equipment that I need is just a computer, I can turn my ideas and imagination into helpful tools very easily," said Chao.

Chao relished the opportunity to expand his research skills by completing a one-year research project as part of his Master of Information Technology.

But the biggest piece of research Chao did was prior to commencing his studies with CDU, and his investigation centred on finding out about Australian cultural norms before he relocated here to study.

“Because the students at CDU come from all over the world, I was worried that I’d say or do something that wasn’t culturally appropriate, so I did a lot of reading on different cultures,” Chao said. “I wish I had learned more Australian slang before I got here though!”

“I’d definitely recommend to future international students to learn about the customs of different countries before starting at an Australian university. This way, you can communicate with your classmates and teachers better and make friends more easily.”

CDU Student Chao smiling

Quick to immerse himself in the opportunities that have come his way at CDU, Chao jumped at the chance to participate in the annual IT Code Fair.

“It’s such a wonderful event to showcase students’ talent to the Darwin IT industry,” Chao said.

“There are lots of competitions and challenges for students to extend their knowledge and skills.

"Plus, many professionals in the local IT industry will also participate as judges for these events, so there are a lot of internship or job opportunities from participating.”

After he graduates, Chao said he hoped to learn the ropes in his industry as a software engineer and data analyst before continuing his studies with a PhD.

CDU Student Chao enjoyed seeing a kangaroo

Chao is making the most of his time at CDU exploring Darwin’s unique landscapes, wildlife, and local Australian culture.

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