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Studying in Australia

  • Hand holding clock to represent time management

    Setting smart goals for uni

    One of the most important things you can do in the early stages of your university journey is to define your long and short term goals. These will keep you focused and motivated. Long-term goals define who you want to be and what you want to achieve. They’re the big picture view of why you’re at university.  The next step is to create short term goals to help you achieve your long-term ones. 

  • CDU student Sunny standing in a garden smiling

    Sunny feels the kindness of the CDU community

    Growing up watching her Mum teach secondary school English in China, it was only a matter of time before Sunny followed in her mum's footsteps to study teaching at CDU. What she found was more than just a classroom.

  • Isabella International Midwifery Student

    Isabella helps save lives in Africa by studying at CDU

    Isabella Garti was a midwifery practitioner and lecturer for more than 12 years in her home country of Ghana. Moving to Charles Darwin University, Darwin has supported her to focus on improving the lives of Ghana’s mums and bubs from across the world. 

  • CDU Student Chao smiling

    Chao hopes to change lives through IT

    An inquisitive mind and deep desire to help others led Chao Liang to Australia to study a postgraduate Information Technology degree with Charles Darwin University. But relocating his life from northern China to Darwin was just the start of Chao’s journey of personal discovery, which would enrich his learning experience as an international student.

  • Reema smiling with her colleagues

    'Endless opportunities': IT student Reema on staying local and loving it

    To the surprise of her loved ones, Reema decided to stay local to study IT at CDU after finishing high school. Now, she's playing her part to set an example of what women in IT can achieve in Darwin. Here's her study story. 

  • Merita - Public Health Student smiling at the camera

    Merita makes the most of CDU’s worldwide partnerships

    As a GP in Timor Leste, Dr Merita Monteiro saw lots of examples of communicable disease in her clinic. Thanks to the partnership between CDU, the Menzies School of Health Research and the Ministry of Health in Timor-Leste, Dr Monteiro is learning from the best to help tackle these diseases in her home country while she's studying public health. When Merita graduated with a medical degree in Cuba back in 2011, she had no idea that eventually she’d end up in Darwin studying a Master of Public Health.

  • Jenny - International teaching student at CDU

    Jenny picked CDU and is now fulfilling her dreams

    For Jenny, the Australian lifestyle was a big factor in her decision to study in Australia. But it was also her lifelong ambition of becoming a teacher. The uniqueness of the Territory that gave her the push to study teaching at CDU and fulfil her dream.

  • CDU student Sharina Muneeb in a garden

    Sharina's persistence paid off in the best way possible

    When Sharina Muneeb moved to Australia in 2018 and started a Master of Business Administration at CDU, she wanted to combine work and study. And it was ultimately the commitment to her studies that landed her a job. 

  • CDU student Srijana Ghimire standing against a backdrop of a national park in the Northern Territory

    A rising star in local engineering industry: Meet Srijana

    Since graduating with a Master's degree in engineering, Srijana landed a dream job with a local engineering firm, has worked on fantastic projects, and was even awarded the 2019 Young Achiever by Northern Association of Women in Construction.

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