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The psych degree that's opening career doors for Matthew

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Matthew standing in front of a pond

Matthew Cartwright is enthusiastic about his career prospects. He's on track to register as a psychologist when he finishes his master's degree in psychology, and the career opportunities are varied and interesting. 

“The variety of future work opportunities I can explore include everything from disability to forensic sectors, hospitals, clinics, private practice - the range of work available to people with a psychology degree is quite incredible,” he says.

Matthew is studying a Master of Psychology (Clinical) at Charles Darwin University, and can seek general registration as a psychologist when he completes his studies. And though - like Matthew - you'll need a minimum six-year sequence of education and training for general registration as a psychologist, there are also many career paths available to Bachelor of Psychology graduates.

Why study psychology?

Matthew has a few essential thoughts on why he entered the field of psychology in the first place—and what makes a good psychologist.

What motivated me to study psychology was the difference I can make to individual lives and to entire communities.

"I’m drawn to work in communities that need additional support and advocacy, and I think Darwin’s well-placed in terms of having world-class education resources and requiring a diverse range of psychological services.

“One of the most important aspects about being a psychologist is having the capacity to connect and establish a professional relationship with others—it requires empathy and unconditional regard for others,” said Matthew

Where can a psychology degree take you?

According to the Australian Psychological Society, a psychology degree can set you up for a career in a wide range of fields, including:

  • social work
  • child protection
  • welfare work
  • community corrections
  • disability support
  • drug and alcohol
  • youth work

A psychology degree will also look good on your resume when you’re applying for customer service roles in government organisations such as Centrelink, or in case management positions where training is provided on-the-job. These can include roles for housing officers and other positions with the Australian Government Department of Human Services, residential care workers in juvenile justice, and administrative support officers in government and non-government organisations.

You can also find opportunities in market research, public relations, industrial relations, human resources, and recruitment. A psychology degree can also be an excellent foundation for careers in nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation counselling, audiology and other health care careers.

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