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  • Matthew standing in front of a pond

    Does a psychology degree open career doors? For CDU grad Matthew, there’s no doubt

    Matthew is currently halfway through his Master of Psychology (Clinical) at Charles Darwin University and can seek general registration as a psychologist when he completes his studies. And though—like Matthew—you’ll need a minimum six-year sequence of education and training for general registration as a psychologist, there are also many career paths available to Bachelor of Psychology graduates.

  • Sulav Shrestha studying in the library

    CDU scholar squashes self-doubt

    Having spent a large part of his childhood in a hostel in his home country of Nepal, Sulav Shrestha vowed to turn the tide on his institutionalised upbringing by learning and traveling as much as he could. 

  • Matt Cartwright smiling

    Why I moved to Darwin to study Psychology

    Victorian native Matthew Cartwright was on a road trip from Darwin to Katherine in July last year, when he saw a sign on the road for Charles Darwin University. At the time, Matt was in his final year of a Bachelor of Psychology down in Melbourne, and was planning his next move.

  • Cathryn at NT swimming hole

    I went back to uni at 55 to better understand human behaviour

    Cathryn had a professional IT consulting career before she decided to study Psychology at CDU. he is aiming to pave her way to a future in research, academia, applied learning, or in a consulting capacity at the junction of technology, organisational design and psychological science. 

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