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Hasan landed his dream teaching job in Darwin

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Hasan at Ski Club

Hasan studied a Master of Teaching at CDU and is currently working as the middle school curriculum coordinator for St. John's Catholic College.

“During my last year at CDU, I started a placement at St. John's Catholic College,” says Hasan.

“One of my mentors was the principal himself, and he really liked the way I worked.

He offered me the opportunity to take an interview for a full-time role once I graduated. I got the job, and I’ve been here since.

Hasan feels lucky to be working at St John’s and has settled in quickly. 

“It feels amazing that this is my first place for teaching, especially because I already know the students and staff, which makes it easier.”

Hasan working

The importance of connection

During his time at CDU in Darwin, Hasan had multiple opportunities to build relationships with a range of people.

CDU is very strong with its networking opportunities, whether it's through cultural programmes or through professional networking seminars.

“I’ve met many students, different educators from schools and a variety of businesses and government organisations,” he says.

Meeting with local businesses provided Hasan with some good insights about working life. 

“The business networking opportunities helped me understand what the working culture here is like, and the people were always very welcoming.”

“One of the best things about working in Darwin is, if you’re ready to put the effort in, people value you and will invest in you.”

In his free time, Hasan likes to catch up with friends and enjoy Darwin’s social scene.

Darwin is small, everyone lives close to one another, so it's easy to hang out after work and have some downtime.

“I think that that's one of the most amazing things about living in a small city,” he adds.

A promising future

Hasan now calls Darwin home and encourages other international students to do the same.

I definitely feel that Darwin is one of the best cities for students, especially international students, because there's much cultural diversity, as well as many job opportunities.

“Students are exposed to more opportunities here than anywhere else in Australia, which is why I feel that Darwin is the best place to be.”

You can learn more about studying a Master of Teaching at CDU.

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