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How Mel stayed motivated through her IT degree

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Mel Green Cyber Security

After completing Year 12, Mel Green took a few gap years and worked full-time before deciding on which university and course was right for her. After researching her options, she chose to study a Bachelor of Information Technology with CDU. Studying online from both South Australia and New South Wales, Mel has now completed her IT degree and made the trip up to Darwin to graduate last year! 

Why did you choose CDU? 

I was looking to study externally so I could continue working full time. I did some research on unis around Australia that supported distance learning and CDU had quite good ratings for their external courses.

What motivated you to take on study?

I did not want to stay in my current industry of hospitality, so I decided that I needed a change and to take the first steps to beginning a career.

What do you like most about studying your specific course?

Learning new things each day. Also, I would like to pursue a career in Cyber Security, and by doing so I hope to help protect Australia’s security and data.

I persevered and here I am!

Mel, CDU IT Student
Mel, CDU IT Student

What has been the most challenging aspect of studying for you?

Balancing full-time work and full-time study with other commitments, also not having that face-to-face support that you would have studying on campus. However, I was able to connect with fellow external students who were in the same boat as me and formed online relationships – we still keep in touch regularly.

The first year can often be the most challenging – how did you find the first year of study?

The first year of study was the hardest year for me. There were times that I considered giving up and quitting, but I persevered and here I am!    

There is a massive shortage of women in IT, and an even bigger shortage of Cyber Security professionals

Do you have advice for others that might be experiencing the same thing?

Believe in yourself because you can always achieve what you set your mind to. Think of your future, and just push through. 

You may feel intimidated. You may feel as though you don't possess enough hands-on skills and experience to be successful or even just to be hired. I struggled with these feelings for a long time after I graduated. Then I realised that employers are actually looking for motivated individuals, with a willingness to learn. Especially in Cyber Security, if you are a female and want to succeed in your career, we need you! There is a massive shortage of women in IT, and an even bigger shortage of Cyber Security professionals. Use this to your advantage!

What has been a highlight so far?


The highlight of my time at CDU studying my bachelor degree was when I was awarded an academic award for the highest mark in my IT Business Enterprise unit.

Motivation is the key!

What are your goals?

Now that I have completed my bachelor degree, my goal is to get my foot in the door into the IT industry - particularly in cyber security - and begin my career. I would love to work within law enforcement or the government.

What is your top study tip?

You need to be strict and disciplined. Motivation is the key!

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share about your experience studying with CDU?

One thing that helped the most while studying my course was the support from my lecturers. Specifically, Rebecca and Barbara were the two people who gave me hope of completing my Bachelor of IT. Without them, I don’t know if I would have made it.


Are you wanting to study Information Technology online? Have some questions about external study? Find out more about studying IT with CDU.


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