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Balance work, life and study

  • A notebook with the text, "Today I am grateful for"

    Growing gratitude

    Gratitude – the appreciation of the good things that happen in life - is an essential part of building resilience. When you’re going through a tough time it can be hard to remember to be grateful for the good stuff, but there’s a stack of benefits that can be gained from working gratitude into your everyday life.

  • Charles Darwin University student Nicole Ng with her award

    5 life skills to help you focus on success

    Starting to lose sight of your goals? As time goes on, motivation can wane. In order to develop the momentum and stamina required to achieve success, there are several life skills you’ll need to focus on.

  • Illustration representing cost of study

    How to budget for study

    It can be hard to imagine how it would be possible to start or return to study on a reduced income, with bills to pay and perhaps a family to consider. But with a little bit of planning and a realistic assessment of your budget, you may find that your new world is closer than you thought.   

  • Illustration showing a money, wallet, coffee and mouse on table

    How much does uni cost?

    Your desire to study doesn’t have to be held back because you think you can’t afford it. Let's remove the mystery about study expenses, find out what to budget for, and look at options to reduce your costs.

  • Male student wearing high-vis clothing sitting at a desk in a classroom

    The difference between higher education and VET

    In Australia, tertiary study falls into two categories: Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET, also known as TAFE). The type of study you choose will depend on your career goals.

  • Piggy bank

    Financial support for study: What help can I get?

    It can be daunting wondering how you’re going to pay for university study and the costs that come with taking time to study, such as child care or reduced working hours, but there is help out there for you.

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    From maths lecturer to lawyer with CDU

    After starting her career as a maths teacher, Rosemary Jacob did a complete 180 and took on the challenge of being a lawyer.

  • Debra's happy family

    Debra used her study at CDU to climb the corporate ladder

    When Debra Hutcheson started her career at entry level with the Northern Territory Government, she knew she wanted to achieve more. Studying at CDU was just the thing she needed to make an impression and rise up the ranks. 

  • Marc exploring outdoors

    From shoestring travelling to a six-figure salary

    The lure of Europe was strong for Marc when he finished high school, so off he went. After a few years of travelling on a budget and being away from family, he decided it was time head home and get a trade. 

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