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A kettlebell champion not weighed down by her studies

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Saga Wessman Kettlebell

Studying towards a degree takes time and dedication, but it needn't get in the way of achieving sporting, career or life goals. In fact, CDU student and Aussie kettlebell athlete Saga Wessman doesn't let anything stand in her way!

Saga represented Australia at the Kettlebell Lifting World Championships in South Korea and studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science online at CDU. Hear the inspiring story of this mentally and physically tough athlete and student.

Saga Wessman training with a kettleball

What motivated you to study? 

I wanted to learn more about Sport and Exercise while working full-time in a boutique fitness studio in Sydney. My main goal is to finish this degree and continue working within the fitness and sport industry.

I want to apply the things I’ve learnt in my studies, such as how the body works, and get the best results with my clients. I am also trying to promote the benefits of kettlebell sport and how it can be so beneficial for everybody.

Saga Wessman at Olympic Park in Seoul
Saga feels fortunate to have been chosen and given the opportunity to show what she's got!

Tell us more about your passion for kettlebell sport... 

It takes lot of work to be able to lift that kettlebell. It requires both physical and mental strength. When competing, you don’t want to put that bell down before the clock hits 10min! 

I’m just looking forward to stepping onto the platform and do what I do best. The support from my teammates is the key for success, and the whole kettlebell community around the world feels like a family when we get together once a year to compete! 

A stage at the Kettlebell World Championship in Seoul

What do you like most about studying with CDU?

The last two years has been mentally tough to fit in work, training and studying online but I think with the right focus and drive, with a mix of time management, it is possible to succeed in a relatively short time period. For students that are searching for a good quality degree with an insight to Sport Science definitely go for Charles Darwin University!

The highlight of my degree was the one-week intensive we had in Darwin last year. I had never been in the Top End before and this was an interesting experience with culture and customs. I also found it was awesome to meet all my study peers in person.  The key is time management, especially with online study

Saga Wessman holding the Australian flag at Seoul

How do you plan to make a difference and contribute to a better future with your degree?

I want to help the older population to be able to live a healthier life and make choices that will keep them moving. I also want to travel to Third World countries to help in global health management and promote healthy living practices. 

You can study a Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree of Exercise and Sport Science online or on campus with CDU. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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