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Madalena's working on healthy outcomes for all

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Madalena Costa Soares Alumni Awards

As a passionate health advocate Madalena has committed her career to improving the health and education of the people of Timor-Leste. Armed with a Master of Public Policy, her passion and knowledge know no bounds.

Madalena has shown a lifelong dedication to improving healthcare outcomes for quality of life, and helping people achieve their full potential. As President of Timor-Leste Red Cross, she’s proud to continue her work serving her country and people.

A caring approach

With a career incorporating nursing, public policy, education and consulting, Madalena’s well versed in the language of health. Successfully working as a Policy Advisor to the World Food Program and Director of her own consultancy, DIACEMY LDA, she’s also a master of multitasking.

“After I completed my tenure in the public service, I was able to establish my own enterprise that runs consultancy services on the public policy, training and clinical practice on palliative care in Timor-Leste on a domiciliary basis,” says Madalena.

“I aim to deliver support on the development of standards and protocols and offer training for healthcare professionals to improve their skills in the quality of care.”

Education with flexibility 

To follow her dream career, Madalena knew that she needed the best education.

I chose CDU because it’s one of the top-ranking universities for teaching and research and its qualifications are recognised globally.

“I wanted to gain the skills in leadership and management to be a decision maker," she adds.

"The flexibility for long-distance and part-time learning meant I was able to continue working as the Vice Minister for Health in the Timor-Leste government.”

Overcoming challenges

Madalena is no stranger to challenge.

During the political turmoil in Timor-Leste, she worked in advisory and coordinator roles. She’s since held several highly influential senior roles in which she’s been able to implement the skills she learnt from study.

“My public policy analysis and advocacy knowledge have enabled me to confidently implement government policies, engage with development partners and negotiate principles in public services,” she says.

“This gave me confidence working as the Vice Minister for Health, and later as the National Authorising Officer (NAO) for the European Development Fund (EDF) in Timor-Leste.”

A dream come true

Armed with the knowledge she has now, Madalena has some valuable advice for her younger self.

“Build on your skills as early as possible and take up any opportunities with passion and resilience," she says.

Take every step to make your career dreams come true and think of the positive impact your hard work will have on others.

Madalena has received both the International Alumnus Award and the Distinguished Alumnus Award at the CDU Alumni Awards.

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