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Mastering the Internet of Things

This article appears in: Information Technology, Studying in Australia
Alwyn Jose IHD Room

Alwyn Jose recently graduated with a Master of Information Technology (Software Engineering) at CDU. Last year, he won the IT Code Fair business and innovation challenge with his CDU Smart Parking system, which enables users to find vacant parking spaces via sensors that inform an app, when a driver comes within 2km of their destination. We asked him some questions about his experience as a CDU student. 

Why did you choose CDU?

CDU is rated as one of the top universities providing best quality education with equal opportunities for national and international students. It [CDU] provided me the best resources for study and the ideal environment for understanding various cultures with respect and integrity.

What are your goals?

My goals are oriented towards building my skills, knowledge and understanding about Software Engineering to contribute to the best of my abilities to make advances in the IT field. The window of opportunity with Software Engineering is exponentially expanding, and to be a part of this dynamic field was best facilitated by my studies at CDU.

What do you like most about studying with CDU?

CDU facilitates the needs of international students by respecting ethnic and cultural diversity. A healthy student to teacher ratio benefited me as a student as it catered to my individual study needs.

A healthy student to teacher ratio benefited me as a student

Alwyn Jose IHD Room

What has been the most challenging aspect of studying for you?

Choosing to undertake postgraduate study, which requires exceptional dedication and hard work, was a challenge. As an international student, the methodology of education was vastly different from the system I have been trained in in the past. Understanding and blending into the Australian educational standards and system was a hurdle, but with the support services and guidance from CDU, I was able to adapt without much hassle.

Time is of the essence and prioritising my study was the key to being successful

What do you like most about studying your specific course?

The vast window of opportunity offered by the Master of Information Technology is well recognised and appreciated in this dynamic IT era. The number of specialisations and individual pursuits this field has to offer are innumerable. Enrolling into the program has allowed me to research and understand more about the Internet of Things, which was an area of my interest.

What is your top study tip?

Time is of the essence and prioritising my study was the key to being successful in my studies. The initial difficulties were overcome by seeking help and managing my time effectively. Understanding that my primary goal was to gain knowledge and skills in an area of study that I love was the first step in being successful. Everything else was secondary. 

Do you have advice for others that might be experiencing the same thing?

  1. Prioritise: set goals and a time frame to finish your task. Try to finish it a day before your set time frame and reward yourself when you successfully complete your task.
  2. Seek help: there is nothing wrong in asking for help and seeking advice. Group study could be beneficial and healthy for better understanding.
  3. Do your own research of your subjects: there is a huge bundle of knowledge embedded in research studies and journals.

What has been a highlight so far?

I had the joy of being presented with multiple awards recognising my hard work and dedication. As a part of the course I also had the opportunity to undertake research to solve the parking issues faced by the university. The Smart Parking system is a project I developed (based on Internet of Things) as a part of my research, which I successfully completed with the encouragement, support and guidance of my lecturers. 

The window of opportunity with Software Engineering is exponentially expanding

Alwyn Jose - Smart Parking
Alwin's Smart Parking app

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share about your experience studying with CDU?

I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at CDU for providing quality education, and for helping me build my career as an individual. The environment offered to students is ideal for bringing out the best in them. My two years at CDU has been a life-changing experience and has prepared me to advance in life. 

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