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Niki and nature: together at Casuarina

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When Niki returned home to China four years ago after a year of volunteering at CDU’s Confucius Institute, she knew one day she’d be back.

The day before leaving Darwin, I burst into emotional tears and promised myself I would come back when I can afford to study here one day.

Darwin’s charm had well and truly won Niki over, and it wasn’t long until she returned to study a Master of Teaching.

Born to teach

Niki has worked in teacher roles in China, Thailand and Australia. She fell in love with the career from day one and realised that it is the profession she enjoys the most.

Niki has known since day one that teaching is her passion, and a career she wants to pursue. Having worked across China, Thailand, and Australia in teaching roles, discovering the rewards it offers. 

The time spent with kids enriches me. I often found myself leaving the classroom with a smile and a sense of fulfilment.


Niki believes that providing education and care to children sets the foundations for lifelong learning and development.

“I’m so happy that my future career as a teacher has the power to transform lives and shape kids’ futures.” She says.

Darwin’s serene study environment

Not only is it her fulfilling role as a trainee teacher that makes her time at CDU enjoyable, Niki has also fallen in love with the natural setting of CDU Casuarina Campus


The campus is uniquely charming and enjoyable. The beach is just several minutes’ walk away, and the environment is so green and serene. What can be better than reading and doing your research in a huge park?

Situated on 56 hectares of parkland, CDU Casuarina Campus is nestled between a mix of natural bushland, open green spaces and only a short walk from sandy beaches perfect for a sunset picnic. The Campus offers a calming and tropical learning experience, while only 20 minutes from Darwin city. 

CDU’s welcoming community

Add the unique environment of CDU Casuarina to the incredible University community and it’s a win-win for Niki.


Here, I found myself deeply connected to mother nature and the people surrounding me, it seems the small community brought the best out of us sharing the land together.

CDU offers a number of social and learning events outside of students studies, as well as having many student organised social events and other activites on and off-campus. 

Fulfilling dreams in Darwin

Niki has found her feet here in Darwin and was selected as a 2022 Study NT Ambassador. She’s keen to share her experience of CDU and its incredible location with future students.

I find it is such a blessing to be able to study at CDU. Darwin today for me is a “Dreamland”. It seems nothing is impossible here.

For now, Niki is busily working towards her future career.

“My dream is to become a registered secondary teacher so that I can lift young people up and provide exceptional support for their parents, families, and communities in the Northern Territory.”

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