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Sharina's persistence paid off in the best way possible

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 CDU student Sharina Muneeb in a garden

Sharina didn’t let rejection stop her from finding a job that would work with her studies. In fact, it was her commitment to her Master of Business Administration that won her the job.

When Sharina Muneeb moved to Australia in 2018 and started a Master of Business Administration, she wanted to combine work and study. 

After more than 100 applications for jobs, internships and even volunteer work in the engineering field, she had almost given up.

"My focus was to secure one interview where I could get an insight about the work culture and how things work in Australia," she says. 

Employers seemed to be put off by Sharina’s study but she stayed focused on her goal. Eventually she applied for a graduate engineer position at one of the largest independent oil storage facilities in the world. It was her student status that helped her win the job.

"They asked me to come and discuss my status and work schedule. I explained my commitment and my full-time study load and they offered me the job based on my interest and dedication," she explains. 

"Getting a job in such a multinational company was something I could only dream of," says Sharina.

Balancing work and study

Sharina is now employed as a Graduate Engineer at Royal Vopak Darwin Terminal. During her study periods, she works 20 hours per week. At semester break time, she works full time.

"Being an international student with no job experience in Australia, it was difficult…but the insights I got from studying management and business helped me secure the job," she says. 

Those insights paired with excellent support from her teachers and fellow students gave her a competitive edge.

"CDU gave me the confidence to present myself and to overcome by fears. My teachers helped me a lot and I am forever grateful to them," says Sharina.

Now Sharina is balancing work and study and looking positively towards her future; a future made possible by CDU.

A portrait of CDU student Sharina Mundeeb in high-vis clothing


"Charles Darwin University is a platform that can serve as a bridge for your future. Australia is a land of opportunities and when you work hard you get to see the fruits of your labour," says Sharina. 

For other students who find themselves in a similar position, Sharina recommends never giving up.

 "Every time I received a rejection email, it shattered my confidence but it never shattered my dedication. Never give up because no efforts go in vain," she says. 

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