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From technology to photography: How BP’s switching careers

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BP smiling in the garden holding a camera

BP recently returned to study creative arts at CDU to find way to turn his passion for photography and filmmaking into a profession. Having a full-time job and a young family made study challenging but with support, BP found success.

It all started for BP when his wife gifted him a camera. She noticed his love for photography and encouraged him to pursue it as a hobby. This steadily developed into a genuine interest in photography and filmmaking. He decided to enrol in an arts degree, with a focus on filmmaking.

“CDU let me customise a study plan specialising in filmmaking subjects,” he says.

“That was the moment I knew I was going to apply.”

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In the past, BP completed an IT degree with CDU and is now working in a full-time role in the IT industry. Although BP is currently working as a system analyst programmer, his passion for film-making complements this role. The flexibility and support from CDU, his workplace, and his family, has seen BP take his passion to the next level.

In fact, it was the support he received during his first degree that was encouraged him to return to CDU.  

“My lecturers, workplace, and wife were all very supportive,” he said.

The amazing people I worked with helped me to balance the demands of study, work and family.

The arts online

As BP was working full-time and balancing the demands of a young family, studying creative arts on campus wasn't going to be an option. Instead, he decided to study his creative arts degree online as an external student.

“The lectures were delivered online and recorded for external students,” he says.

Planning and time management helped BP keep on top of his uni work as well as his other commitments.

“My wife took over many of my household chores to allow me time to study. My workplace was also flexible which allowed me to attend some lectures,” he says.

I developed the habit of studying a few hours a day and preparing for projects well in advance.

BP kissing his laughing daughter on the cheek

Tools of the trade

CDU also helped BP and his fellow students with the use of expensive filmmaking equipment.

“CDU lent us the filmmaking equipment we needed to do our assignments,” he says.

Some of BP’s study highlights within his creative arts and industries degree included hands-on learning experiences that were created through practical projects and working in teams.

It taught us how to effectively work in a team and how to manage different roles in different projects.

For BP, the most important part of his study experience was the learning along the way. He stresses that students should not just be studying with the aim of passing an exam.

“Explore more and soak in as much knowledge as you can. Talking and networking with like-minded people helps you to learn faster,” he says.

Do not hesitate to join a course you are interested in.

BP smiling next to his filmmaking equipment

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