Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge and Governance (CIKG)

Who we are & what we do

We are engaged in a wide variety of collaborative projects funded by governments and nongovernment organisations to address particular problems of the moment (e.g. housing, engagement, cultural education for service providers, communication, plant biosecurity, language, & linguistics).

We work collaboratively from the ground-up, understanding the problem from a variety of perspectives, taking seriously the knowledge and authority of both government workers and Aboriginal elders, designing solutions to day-to-day emerging problem in such a way as to subtly change practice on the ground, and thus change the understandings and practices of all concerned groups (including our own as researchers).


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  • Recognised to enhance capacity and capability in diverse contexts nationally and internationally
  • Indigenous Engagement of Indigenous knowledge and governance





Researchers have worked closely with Aboriginal knowledge authorities on collaborative research to explore Aboriginal knowledge, workforce, government, language and cultural practices and applied these processes to supporting change in policy development and implementation and education programs



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