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Electoral research on Elcho Island

Electoral research on Elcho Island

14 May 2019

We are conducting research in Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island) today! Remote Electoral Engagement and Education

Researchers from CDU and Yalu' Marŋgithinyaraw have been working together at the polling booth in Galiwin'ku. Speaking to people about their experiences of voting in remote communities, and how understandings of voting and elections can be spread to the younger generation. The research also includes partnerships with the NTG and NT Electoral Commission. 

Emily Ford in off the leashNI researcher Emily Ford writes about the importance of the Larrakia Language in 'Off the Leash'

09 May 2019

Darwin - it's a special place. It's the home of people from all over the world, languages and accents from nearly every corner of the globe are spoken here daily.

However, there is one language that has been spoken here since time immemorial and is still being spoken today: the Larrakia language.

This language belongs to the Larrakia people who are the Traditional Owners of the Darwin region, including Trent Lee, who had a chat with us about the importance of traditional languages. Read more...

Growingupyolngu is NOW LIVE

08 May 2019

Ŋuthanmaram djamarrkuḻiny’ märrma’kurr romgurr - Growing up children in two worlds

This website is one way we are sharing Yolŋu knowledge and ideas about child development and child rearing from the findings of a research project conducted in a remote community in Arnhem Land (2012 – 2018).

The research team hope the website is useful and that you enjoy it!

Ŋuli nhe djäl bulu dhäwuw (if you’d like to know more about the research project) please email; or or

CDU-ANU PhD scholar Cathy Bow and native Kunwinjku speaker Seraine Namundja.

Event to celebrate Indigenous languages

07 May 2019

CDU’s Northern Institute, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and the NT Government’s Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) will hold a symposium celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

The “Let’s Talk Aboriginal Languages” symposium on 31 May will discuss the challenges and future for teaching and using Indigenous languages as part of the United Nation’s International Year of Indigenous Languages. Read more...

For further information about the “Let’s Talk About Aboriginal Languages” symposium visit HERE and REGISTER


GWIC project

Virtual reality to build cultural understanding

07 May 2019

CDU is partnering with an Arnhem Land Aboriginal corporation to develop an immersive mixed-reality virtual engagement with a remote homeland. CDU’s Northern Institute is working with the Gong Wanhurr Indigenous Corporation (GWIC) to help build capacity to drive the concept forward.

The project proposes a new method of two-way engagement between remote communities and cultural institutions to open up a new avenue to develop better understanding of Indigenous culture. Read more.....

Johanna Funk

Blogging about Galway

31 April 2019

NI PhD student and lecturer Johanna Funk has blogged about her recent visit to Galway to attend OER19 Recentering Open: Critical and global perspectives at the National University of Ireland.

Read the blog HERE

Read more about Johanna's work

ANZAC Odes in Aboriginal languages

ANZAC Day Odes in 3 Aboriginal Languages

25 April 2019

Warrimirri - Dr Kathy Guthadjaka
Marrithiyel - Dr Linda Payi Ford
Nyungar - Professor Len Collard

Lest we forget.


PhD student to present on MECA Collection

26 April 2019

Yasunori Hayashi (Nori), Course Coordinator of the Yolŋu Studies program at CDU College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society and PhD student, Northern Institute.

A key member of the Reinvigorating the MECA Collection project, Yasunori Hayashi is passionate about learning and teaching Yolŋu languages, and particularly Yolŋu culture. “Impressed by the sound of yiḏaki (didgeridoo), I first visited Yurruwi (Milingimbi) in the early 2000s and learned to speak languages through the instrument, rather than playing!”.

Yasunori will discuss the recent filmed documentation process of the MECA Collection artworks with people from Milingimbi and Ramingining, and how it will be incorporated into teaching and research resources for Yolŋu Studies at CDU. Link to FB Event page