Demography and Growth Planning (DGP)

Who we are & what we do

Through applied research we provide insights on the causes and consequences of population change with emphasis on the Northern Territory, the north of Australia and other northern and sparsely populated areas.

We are driven to make positive differences to communities, society and policy through robust and independent research.


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  • International leadership in small area population projection modelling
  • Quantitative modelling of migration trends and their impacts for policy and the environment
  • Recognised expertise in the complexities of Indigenous population data and its analysis
  • Multi-layered skills in data enquiry, collection and analysis that connects demographic challenges to policy and place



    Our research directly shaped the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018-2028.
    We sit on three national  expert population advisory groups.
    We have an enviable publication record in books and prestigious Demographic journals.




    Contact the team directly to discuss your needs at

    The team are recognised internationally for their work. Snapshots of findings are made freely accessible through the Northern Institute Research Briefs Series

    Our blog demographyNorth is a great way to find our latest research and analysis on critical population issues.

    We also host the online open-access journal, Australian Population Studies.

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