From the Director


Prof. Ruth Wallace

 Professor Ruth Wallace

Welcome to the Northern Institute, our researchers are committed to developing the analytic tools and partnerships to understand the development of interactions of people, policy and place. Our researchers are committed to helping our partners draw on independent research to answer complex and difficult questions related to social policy and social issues in regional, rural and remote areas. The Northern Institute was established through a partnership between Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Government to build capacity in northern Australia to undertake high quality analysis in social policy and research. We focus on research that addresses issues in the demography, regional development, Indigenous knowledges and collaborative governance of the region. To challenge and enrich our work, researchers connect with experts working in similar contexts internationally.

The teams work across the range and diversity of the communities and knowledge systems. The Northern Institute undertakes applied research, addressing current issues from the perspective of high quality research, communities, policy makers and their partners. This excellence in research is shared through collaborative and sponsored research reports and activities, seminars, publications think-tanks and courses. The Northern Institute team works with policy makers and students through the postgraduate Public Policy degree, higher degree research and specialised courses.

I invite you to explore the Northern Institute research teams’ profiles and contact us about ways to develop productive partnerships that contribute to strong and resilient communities, economies and policy structures and processes at all levels.  

Professor Ruth Wallace
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