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Alice Springs river landscape
Research theme

Regional, economic, education & workforce development

We solve problems linked to economic, education & workforce policy and program implementation in regional and remote northern Australia.

We work across developing agile forms of pedagogy, training and education methods to reflect our unique location and challenges. We work with a wide array of sectors and organisations (public, private, NGOs).

Research strengths

  • Indigenous development and community resilience.
  • Natural resource and conservation management.
  • IGR, local government and policy management.
  • Workforce development in regional and marginalised areas.
  • Policy implementation in regional areas.
  • Regional development and growth in remote areas.
  • Mobile end technology-based learning.
  • Learning identity.
  • Aboriginal enterprise development in remote areas.
  • Regional development and governance in Northern Australia and neighbouring regions.
  • Marginalised learners and access to knowledge systems.
  • Community engagement.
REWD researchers

Regional, economic, education and workforce development

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