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HDR Forms and Codes

Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) student forms
Papers for a job interview

The guidelines and forms on this page are for researcher students and their supervisors, examiners and other staff involved in the delivery of higher degree by research programs.

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, all of our forms are grouped into topics and candidature stages.

As you move through your program, click on a stage of candidature or topic of interest to access the forms relevant to you.

Please contact if you have questions about the forms.

Higher Degree by Research - Policy & Governance
Milestones Forms
Review the HDR Supervisor CharterThe Charles Darwin University HDR Supervisor Charter (PDF, 210.27 KB)

Confirmation of Candidature - Part 1:

The Supervisory Charter & Epigeum - Research Integrity, Second Edition modules

HDR09 - Confirmation of Candidature - Part 1 (

Confirmation of Candidature - Part 2:

Research Proposal and Oral Presentation 

HDR12 - Confirmation of Candidature - Part 2 (
Mid-Candidature Review HDR17 - Mid-Candidature Review (
Final Year Review HDR18 - Final Year Review (
Interim Progress ReportHDR24 - Interim Progress Report (

Confirmation of Candidature Reassessment Form

(To be completed by Panel Chair following a reassessment of the COC)

HDR15 - Confirmation of Candidature Reassessment (

Mid-Candidature Review or Final Year Review Reassessment Form 

(To be completed by Panel Chair following a reassessment of the MCR or FYR)

HDR19 - Mid-Candidature Review or Final Year Review Reassessment (

Ethics forms can be found here

Supervision Forms
Changes to candidature Forms
Extensions Request Forms
Candidature or Stipend Extension Request and Semester Fee Waiver Request:HDR36 – Candidature and Stipend Extension & Funding Support Application (
Timeline to completion template Timeline to completion template - update_0.xlsx (

Please note that the approval procedures changed in 2023. All requests for extension to a Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship or to HDR candidature will now go to the Research Committee Extensions Working Party. 

Please be aware that extensions are usually not permitted unless a student can demonstrate that more than two thirds of their research project is complete AND extraordinary events have precluded the candidate from progressing their research. Also note that all HDR students enrolled on 31 March 2020 have already received a 6-month RTP COVID- extension and no further stipend extensions for those students will be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

If students are experiencing delays in their research, they should discuss this with their supervisors, Faculty HDR support staff or the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) as soon as possible. A list of the supports available for HDR students can be found here. 

To request an extension, please submit the above Extension request form, along with all necessary supporting evidence and endorsements. We also require a clear timeline of what has already been achieved and what is yet to be achieved. Please see timeline for the template above.

Extension Form Submission Deadline (COB)Extension Working Party Meeting Date
05 February 202419 February 2024
26 March 20249 April 2024
14 May 202428 May 2024
02 July 202416 July 2024
20 August 202403 September 2024
15 October 202429 October 2024
26 November 202410 December 2024
Scholarship Forms
Submission and Examination Forms
Candidate Forms
Intention to Submit Form:HDR - Intention to Submit (
Co-Authorship Approvals HDR - Co-Authorship Approvals for HDR Thesis for Examinations (
Thesis Submission Declaration and ApprovalHDR - Theses Submission Declaration and Approval (
Post-Examination Templates and Forms:HDR - Revision to HDR Thesis - Table of Amendments (
Thesis Deposit Agreement: To accompany the revised thesis following Examination.HDR32 - Thesis deposit agreement (
Supervisor Form:
Recommendation of Examiners FormHDR - Recommendation of Examiners Form (
Travel related to your research

If you need to study more than 50kms from your main campus--such as attend a conference or field trip--you must notify your Faculty /School and check that you are covered by the University's insurance policy.  Further information about travel forms should be sought from your Faculty /School well before your proposed travel.

Research Codes (FOE, FOR, SEO)
Field of Education (FoE)Field of Education (FoE)
Field of Research (FoR)Field of Research (FoR) 
SEO CodesFull list of new SEO Codes

To locate the FOR and SEO codes, you will need to scroll towards the bottom of the relevant webpage

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