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Forms, Templates and Quicklinks

Support and services
CDU HREC Application Form (PDF, 4.7 MB)

To submit a proposal for ethical review by the CDU-HREC, download the electronic form above.

CDU HREC Checklist

The above CDU HREC Application Checklist can be used to ensure the completeness of your application.

Guide to Information Sheet and Informed Consent form

To download the Guide to the Information Sheet & Informed Consent Form for Research Participants click above. 

Below guidelines and templates are provided to assist you with the development of your information sheet and informed consent form

ATSIRA Template (DOCX, 249.07 KB)

Please download the above Aboriginal and Torres Islander Research Agreement (ATSIRA) Template.

CDU-HREC Annual/Final Report Form

Annual/Final Reports are a mandatory requirement of all HREC approved projects, as set out by the NHMRC guidelines.

Variation, Extensions and Renewals

Email requests to be sent to the CDU-HREC


Research Integrity Advisors @CDU

CDU researchers, staff and students are encouraged to consult with RIA’s regarding matter related to responsible research conduct.

Research data management

Information and templates related to authors and research Data management

Authorship Record Form (DOCX, 46.79 KB)
Data Breach Response Procedures 
Defence Export Controls

Information related to Export Controls Legislation















Animal Welfare and Ethics

Ensuring the welfare and ethical use of animals associated with that research is the cornerstone of the work of CDU animal ethics personnel and the CDU Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).

For more information click Animal Welfare and Ethics.