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Aspire Application Form

Student working

The application has 6 sections; please ensure that you complete all sections in full, before submitting your application.

Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, 31 October 2023 to

* In administering the Team Aspire application, Charles Darwin University (CDU) will need to collect personal information from you. CDU is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and supporters. CDU supports and is bound by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the National Privacy Principles

Team Aspire Requirements

The guiding principle for what makes a Team Aspire student is, one who shows potential for, or would benefit from support getting to higher education.

There is a place at the bottom of this page for you to sign so we know you have read and understood the requirements of being a part of Team Aspire.

Team Aspire Student Characteristics

We are looking for students who:

  • WILLING - are willing to have a go and who with support, can step outside of their comfort zone
  • PASSION - show some passion and drive to make a difference to themselves and their community
  • CURIOUS – are curious about life and learning and may see the value of further education
  • POTENTIAL - show potential for, or would benefit from continued education including university
  • BENEFIT - identify with the mission of Team Aspire and would benefit from the program
  • TEAM PLAYER - are comfortable with being a team player and can demonstrate this capacity


To be part of the Team, you must meet the following criteria. 

  • A senior secondary student in the Northern Territory
  • An Australian Citizen or the holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa
  • Have good school attendance (>80%)

Evidence required to support your application:

  • You will need a copy of your latest school report

Other documents you may submit to support your application:

  • Financial hardship
    • Centrelink Statement
    • Signed declaration describing the financial hardship you are experiencing
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • Certificate of Aboriginality
    • Letter from Land Council
    • Statutory Declaration confirming your Aboriginality
  • First in the Family to go to University
    • Signed declaration from a parent/guardian explaining that you would be the first in your family to go to university for a higher education degree
  • Geographical Remoteness
    • Official letter with your name and home address on it
  • Refugee Background
    • Citizenship paperwork
    • A letter of support from an agency you work with (ie. Melaleuca Refugee Centre)
    • A signed declaration from a parent/guardian stating that you arrived into Australia as a refugee
  • Support Letter
    • A letter of support from your school or support service identifying impacting factors to your education or attendance

Your commitment

To maintain your scholarship and membership to the A-Team you must agree and meet these three criteria:

  1. Participation
    • Participate in all parts of the Aspire program including the Coaching program, in-school workshops, online events and the Dry Season camp
    • Spend your scholarship funds on educational purposes (see guidelines)
    • Be prepared to imagine your future and set personal goals
    • Participate at your school – attend and do your best to achieve reasonable academic results
  2. Progress
    • Provide your Mid-Year Update to the Aspire Team, on time
    • Share your progress with us through school attendance, academic progress and progress in the Coaching Program
  3. Communication
    • Communicate with the Aspire Team – let us know of any changes, including moving interstate/overseas or to another school
    • Respond to Aspire staff through email, phone calls and messages
    • Reach out for help/advice when needed
    • Complete surveys/evaluations
    • Connect with Team Aspire social media channels
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