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Team Aspire

The Team Aspire Experience

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The Team Aspire Experience

Students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and support programs that help them develop goals for the future and connect them to CDU students, staff, alumni and the broader community.


The Aspire team are trained in the Coaching Young People For Success program, which draws on powerful strategies from Positive Psychology and Hope Theory.

This evidence-based program focuses on understanding what makes individuals and communities thrive and flourish. Aspire supports students to create meaningful goals and guides them through cycles of self-directed learning to achieve them successfully.

Campus Experiences

Students are given the opportunity to visit their local, regional campus as well as being brought into Darwin to see our Casuarina and Waterfront campus' in year 11 for the Aspire Dry Season Camp. For Darwin, Palmerston and Rural students, they have access to visit our Palmerston, Waterfront and Casuarina campus'.

While on campus, students will participate in coaching and workshops to build their confidence and help establish pathways. They will get to experience different faculty activities and meet academics, staff and Aspire Alumni.

In Year 11, students attend a 5-day immersive camp, highlighting some of the opportunities and support available to them at university. In Year 12, students start the year with our Kickstarter Camp attending workshops designed to build resilience, connection and time management to support their last year of secondary education. At the end of Year 12, students attend our Graduation Stay to celebrate finishing year 12 and the Aspire Program.


Part of being in Team Aspire students have access to a scholarship of $1,000 per annum in Year 11 and Year 12.

Students may use their funds towards any of the following:

  • School and tuition fees
  • Course-related materials/text books
  • School uniforms or safety equipment for classes
  • Educational equipment hire, purchase or repairs such as laptops, iPads, tablets, calculators or software
  • Study materials including a study desk or chair
  • Year 12 formal ticket and/or jumper
  • Face-to-face tutoring
  • Fees for UMAT exams, practise tests or UMAT preparation
  • University application fees
  • School excursions, camps or trips
  • Travel for educational forums/workshops or CDU events.

Online 24/7 tutoring

To familiarise students with CDU's online learning platform, Learnline, students are given their own login and have access to our online tutoring platform. Students are able to submit assessments for review or ask questions to academics and industry professionals across the world.

Aspire Alumni

If students choose to continue their studies through CDU, there is further support offered to ensure they settle into university life in their first year and beyond.

Further to this, for those students who continue on to a degree with CDU, Team Aspire Alum are eligible to apply for a $10,000 scholarship.

More information

For more information about Team Aspire, please contact (08) 8946 7253 or email 

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