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ERI consultancy services

Equipment list

We have well-equipped facilities which provide our researchers access to a wide array of equipment to carry out physical and chemical analysis of materials. Our surrogate microgrid system provides unique capabilities to simulate microgrids including the capability to test new renewable energy technologies such as hydrogen electrolysers, fuel cells, and battery systems.

Equipment for metal 3D printing, thin-film deposition are some of the process equipment that is available through Advanced Manufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

FTIR — Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopyAnalysis of solids, liquids, and gases using Infrared Spectroscopy
STA — Simultaneous thermal analyzerThermogravimentric analysis: measurement of mass changes and thermal effects between -150°C and 1600°C.
Elemental analyserElemental composition of samples: carbon, hydro- gen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen (CHNS/O)
DCAT — Dynamic Contact Angle measuring devices and TensiometerUniversal measuring devices for the force-based measurement of interfacial parameters and phenomena.
Turbidity meterMeasurement of attenuation of light by insoluble particulate matter suspended in transparent liquid.
PAT — Profile Analysis TensiometerAnalysis of the shape of pendent and sessile drops or buoyant and captive bubbles.
ISE pH meterpH measurement
Thermal evaporatorThis Plasmionique Model EVD32B-TT is a high-temperature thermal evaporation system for thin film deposition.
Spin coaterThe equipment is used to deposit thin film on the substrates.
Solar simulatorThis equipment can simulate the solar radiation for testing the performance of the solar cells
Hot plateAnnealing the solar cells
Annealing and cleaning beakerholding and cleaning the substrate of solar cells
ITO substrate for fabricating solar cellsfabricating solar cells
P3HT: PCBM MaterialThis material is used as the active layer of organic solar cells.
Encapsulation coverslip for photovoltaics and OLEDsThis slip is used for encapsulating the solar cells
Oxygen bomb calorimeterMeasures calorific content of liquids and solids
Tube furnaceHeating from 200–1200°C in controlled atmospheric environments
Fibre analysersDetermine NDF, ADF and ADL of biomass

The Grid Testing Facility uses the Microgrid Plus control hardware to interface with a wide variety of power system simulators. The simulators can be scaled and configured to best match the microgrid under test. Below is a list of simulators currently available

Generator Simulator — 4x7.5kVA and 2x15kVA (6 units configurable)

  • Woodward Controller
  • ComAp Controller

Feeder Simulator — 36kVA (8 bays configurable)

  • SEL protection feeder
  • Grid synchronising feeder
  • Generic Feeder
  • Local Light and Power Feeder

Wind / Solar Farm Simulation — 29kVA

Solar Unit Simulation — 29kVA

  • ABB Trio

Battery energy storage and Virtual Generator Simulator — 29kVA

  • ABB PCS100

Grid Support Simulator — 29kVA

  • Omni Inverter
  • ABB PCS100

Active real and reactive load simulator — 29kVA

  • Omni Inverter

Passive real and reactive load simulator — 28.8kW and 10.2kVAr total

SCADA system and remote access simulation.

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