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Energy and Resources Institute


Prof. Bogdan Dlugogorski in a blue lab coat at the ERI Chemical Lab



Academic staff


headshot of prof Suresh Thennadil in white formal shirt

Professor. Suresh N. Thennadil

Pro Vice-Chancellor. Faculty of Science & Technology / Director, Energy and Resources Institute
Research interests: Process Analytics; Machine learning; Microgrids; Waste-to-energy; Biofuels; Green hydrogen



Professor. Bogdan Dlugogorski 

Bogdan Dlugogorski head and shoulders

Distinguished Research Professor
Research interests: Development and performance of fluorine-free firefighting foams, Refining of spodumene to lithium chemicals, Remediation of NOx formation in blasting of mining explosives, Recycling of bromine, antimony and hydrocarbons from plastics laden with brominated flame retardants.



Dr Krishnan Kanoorpatti head and shoulders

Professor. Krishnan Kannoorpatti

Director Advanced Manufacturing Alliance/ Research Professor - Advanced Manufacturing/Engineering
Research interests: Corrosion engineering, manufacturing, materials behaviour and science.



Dr Jai Singh head and shoulders

Dr. Jai Singh

Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Organic solar cells, organic light emitting devices and inorganic scintillators.


Dr. Stefanija Klaric

Stefanija Klaric head and shoulders

Associate Professor - Engineering 
Research Interests: Production technologies; exploring the influence of production parameters on part properties, specifically looking at additive manufacturing processes, arc and sold state welding processes, and heat treatment; analysing metal materials.



Prof Sami Azam headshot

Professor Sami Azam

Professor– Information technology
Research interests: machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, advanced signal processing and image analysis.


headshot of Erwin Chan

Professor Erwin Chan 

Associate Professor - Engineering 
Research interests: microwave photonics, optical telecommunications, optical signal processing, and photonic and microwave technology.


Dr. Anne Ng
Senior Lecturer – Engineering
Research interests: Urban heat island; Green infrastructure; Sustainable water resources management; Circular economy.

Dr Vinuthaa Murthy head and shoulders

Dr. Vinuthaa Murthy

Research Active Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: Nano-systems for removal of persistent organic contaminants in water; Molecular Modelling of material interfaces; Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds.



Dr Bharanidharan Shanmugam head and shoulders

Dr. Bharanidharan Shanmugam

Senior Lecturer - Information Technology

Research Interests: Cyber Security, Cyber risk management, IoT.



Dr Naveen Kumar Elumalai head and shoulders

Dr. Naveen Kumar Elumalai
Research Active Lecturer
Research Interests: Material Science and Nanotechnology, Functional Composites, Additive Manufacturing, Thin Film Devices, Solar Cells, Optoelectronics, Self-Cleaning Coatings, Electrospinning, Impedance Spectroscopy.



Dr Luis Herrera Diaz head and shoulders

Dr. Luis Herrera Diaz
Research Active Lecturer
Research Interests: Adsorption science, Molecular simulation, Characterisation of porous materials using adsorption methods, Separation and storage of gases.



Dr Hooman Mehdidazeh-Rad head and shoulders

Dr. Hooman Mehdizadeh-Rad
Teaching Focused Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: Solar PV, HVAC systems design, zero energy buildings, heat mitigation.



Dr. Ali Rajabipour
Lecturer – Engineering
Research Interests: Hydrogen asset management, remote construction.

Dr David Ompong head and shoulders

Dr. David Ompong
Lecturer - Engineering Mathematics
Research Interests: Energy materials and energy conversion, energy efficiency of 3D printing machines.




Hao Wang head

Dr. Hao Wang
Senior Technical Officer
Research Interests: Analytical Techniques





Administrative Staff

Roanne Ramsey

Program Manager ERI /Research Institute Environment & Livelihood                                                                                            Faculty of Science and Technology                                                                                                                                                 


HDR students

Angel Alberto Aguilar Morones
Topic: Recovery of valuable feedstocks from BFR plastics used in electronic equipment
Expertise: Materials science and engineering, thermoplastic polymers, extrusion and injection of polymers, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

Caleb Oluwaseun Ojo
Topic: Recycling of Waste Flame-Retarded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastics into Bromine, Antimony and Hydrocarbons
Expertise: Air, water and soil pollution, remediation, fate and bioavailability of emerging contaminants, analytical chemistry

Cedric Cze Yao Tan
Topic: Corrosion of Chromium Based Iron Alloys Deposited via Welding

Chun Wang

Daniel Dodzi Yao Setsoafia
Topic: Efficiency and Stability studies of Polymer Solar Cells
Expertise: Organic photovoltaics, Material science, nanomaterials

David Meyer
Topic: The development of the aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) used to suppress fires of flammable liquids
Expertise: Firefighting Foams

Elnaz Saki
Topic: Synthesis of Nanoemulsions to enhance dermal applications of bioactive compounds available in Australian native plants: Characterization, evaluation and comparison of their biomedical activities

Felix Matthew Baker
Topic: Constrained Kalman Filtering: A Compensating Approach

Hansi Alwis
Topic: Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles using Terminalia ferdinandiana Leaf and Fruit  Extracts: Characterisation, Molecular Modelling and Evaluation of their Biological Activities
Expertise: Material Science, Nanoparticles, Computational chemistry, Plant extracts, Biomedical properties

Kiran Sreedhar Ram
Topic: Highly efficient and stable solar cells with hybrid of nanostructures and bulk heterojunction organic semiconductors
Expertise: Organic photovoltaics, Material science, nanomaterials, semiconductors

Maria Ali
Topic: PFAS removal from water using hydrotalcite and hydrotalcite nanoparticles
Expertise: Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, nanomaterials. Materials science

Cao-Khang Nguyen
Topic: Improving Distributed Secondary Control of an Inverter-based Distributed Generation in Islanded Microgrids
Expertise: Control of power electronics converters and their applications in power systems, distributed cooperative control, grid integration of renewable energy sources

Octavio Andrés Castaño Plaza
Topic: Separation of carbon dioxide from multi-components

Thi Thuy Trang Nguyen
Topic: Hydrologic model loss parameters for Northern Territory River basins
Expertise: Water engineering and management, Environmental science

Yannan Lu
Topic: Conductive polymers for Wearable Thermoelectric Devices

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