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Energy and Resources Institute


Bogdan Dlugogorski head and shoulders

Dr. Bogdan Dlugogorski
Distinguished Research Professor
Minerology – Lithium ore; Mineral Refining - lithium minerals to lithium chemical, esp. spodumene; Remediation of NOx formation in mining; development of fume-free mining/civilian explosives Energy recovery and recycling of plastics; Formation of pollutants in energy-generation processes Development of PFAS-free firefighting foams, and disposal of PFAS in incineration

Bogdan Dlugogorski — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Naveen Kumar Elumalai head and shoulders

Dr. Naveen Kumar Elumalai
Research Active Lecturer
Nanofibers; Electrospinning and Additive manufacturing; Renewable energy devices Self-cleaning protective coatings; Sustainability

Naveen Kumar Elumalai — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Luis Herrera Diaz head and shoulders

Dr. Luis Herrera Diaz
Research Active Lecturer
Adsorption science, Molecular simulation, Characterisation of porous materials using adsorption methods, Separation and storage of gases

Luis Herrera Diaz — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Krishnan Kanoorpatti head and shoulders

Dr. Krishnan Kannoorpatti
Associate Professor
Corrosion engineering, manufacturing, materials behavior and science

Kannoorpatti Krishnan — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Hooman Mehdidazeh-Rad head and shoulders

Dr. Hooman Mehdizadeh-Rad
Teaching Focused Associate Lecturer
Solar PV, HVAC systems design, zero energy buildings, heat mitigation

Hooman Mehdizadeh Rad — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Vinuthaa Murthy head and shoulders

Dr. Vinuthaa Murthy
Research Active Senior Lecturer
Nano-systems for removal of persistent organic contaminants in water; Molecular Modelling of material interfaces; Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds

Vinuthaa Murthy — Charles Darwin University (



Dr. Anne Ng
Senior Lecturer – Engineering
Urban heat island; Green infrastructure; Sustainable water resources management; Circular economy

Anne Ng — Charles Darwin University (



Dr David Ompong head and shoulders

Dr. David Ompong
Lecturer - Engineering Mathematics
Energy materials and energy conversion

David Ompong — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Mario Palendeng head and shoulders

Dr. Mario Palendeng
Research Active Lecturer
Research Associate - Process Data Analytics
Renewable energy microgrids, machine learning and signal processing

Mario Palendeng — Charles Darwin University (



Dr. Ali Rajabipour
Lecturer – Engineering
Hydrogen asset management, remote construction

Ali Rajabipour — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Bharanidharan Shanmugam head and shoulders

Dr. Bharanidharan Shanmugam
Lecturer - Information Technology
Cyber Security, Cyber risk management, IoT

Dr Bharanidharan Shanmugam — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Jai Singh head and shoulders

Dr. Jai Singh
Emeritus Professor
Organic solar cells, organic light emitting devices and inorganic scintillators

Jai Singh — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Jeremy Trombley head and shoulders

Dr. Jeremy Trombley
Research Focused Fellow
Waste-to-energy; Renewable energy; Surface science

Jeremy Trombley — Charles Darwin University (



Dr Suresh N Thennadil head and shoulders

Dr. Suresh N. Thennadil
Director, Energy and Resources Institute
Process Analytics; Machine learning; Microgrids; Waste-to-energy; Biofuels; Green hydrogen

Suresh Thennadil — Charles Darwin University (



Hao Wang head

Dr. Hao Wang
Senior Technical Officer
Analytical Techniques



Stefanija Klaric head and shoulders

Dr. Stefanija Klaric
Senior Lecturer
Production technologies; exploring the influence of production parameters on part properties, specifically looking at additive manufacturing processes, arc and sold state welding processes, and heat treatment; analysing metal materials

Dr Stefanija Klaric — Charles Darwin University (



Dr David Young head and shoulders

Dr. David Young
Dean, College of Engineering, IT and Environment
CDU Director of Confucius Institute
Chemical synthesis; Catalysis; Photocatalysis; Materials science

David Young — Charles Darwin University (



Gopika Prema head and shoulders

Gopika Gopan Prema
Communications and Administration Officer ERI
College of Engineering, IT and Environment


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